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Share The Daunting Challenge of A Foreign Teacher In China
MichaelM 2017-3-11 04:41
I came to China in 2011. Nearly 6 years ago. I had no plans of staying here longer than a year. I was newly divorced and really had no reason not to come and experience this wonderful place. After being here only two months, I saw the huge obstacles of students trying to learn English. It was very easy to see many of the mistakes and reasons why they often spend 10 years or more and never really get past the ability of having even one simple conversation. I knew I could help. Students c ...
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Share Common English Mistakes
MichaelM 2017-3-8 10:52
I'm sure I've written on this subject in the past. But, after 500 blogs and several other news outlets that I write for, I can't remember when. This past weekend, I was a judge once again for the national CCTV English competition. I was reminded of the common problems that Chinese English students make in speaking English. I'll share with you several below. 1. Wrong pronunciation of the word, 'usually'. I've heard this word pronounced wrong in Guangdong Province as well as Henan Province. ...
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Share Test Scores And Socialistic Education
MichaelM 2017-1-14 23:38
Speak English Right FREE Daily English Lessons on WeChat You can g o and listen to 175 of Michael's FREE English Lessons at I know how so many Chinese students worry about test scores. It seems to be the all-consuming thought for every child under 18 years old. As I was having a discussion with several people a few days ago, it occurred to me that in the USA, there is only one score that students concern ...
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Share Thin Skinned Americans
MichaelM 2016-12-22 03:32
This morning, I posted something on Facebook that was from a journalist in Hong Kong. I don't remember his name nor who he writes for. I really didn't take it all that seriously. However, when I posted it, there were many who got offended and started defending our President-elect, Donald Trump. I deleted the post after almost 100 comments were posted there. The op-ed piece was talking about the fact that Trump is a billionaire, flies in his own jumbo jet, wanted to put Hilary in pri ...
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Share Speak English Right Now! 12/19/16
MichaelM 2016-12-20 11:00
Speak English Right Now! 12/19/16 Go listen to this lesson at Good morning. Today, I will teach you two words that are often confused in English. I will teach you the meaning of each word and the right way to use it. Words/Phrases among between The difference between these two words are simple. Among and between are both prepositions. Among always implies three or more. Bet ...
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Share 7 Ways To Get Higher Test Scores In English
MichaelM 2016-12-20 05:17
7 Ways To Get Higher Test Scores In English Parents and students in China will do everything that they can to get higher test scores. China’s education system it based on these scores. You will either succeed or fail in future education pursuits based on these scores. In English education, too many Chinese believe that the grammar based English lessons that are offered through special training centers, can give them the results that they want. This is the most ineffe ...
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Share Speak English Right Now! 12/14/16
MichaelM 2016-12-19 01:46
Speak English Right Now! 12/14/16 Go listen to this lesson at Good morning. Today I'm going to teach about a word that is sometimes used in English, but, is not a good word to use. I teach students who will eventually attend top 100 colleges in America. I teach them how speak English intelligently. They should be avoided. They make you sound like you are not very intelligent (stupid). This word is definitely one ...
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Share Speak English Right Now! 12/18/16
MichaelM 2016-12-19 01:29
Speak English Right Now! 12/18/16 Go listen to this lesson at Good morning. Today, I will teach you two more word/phrase that are pronounced the same. However, one is a single word and the other one is a two word phrase. These are often confused by non-native English speaking people. When you learn the right way to use them, you will sound more like a native English speaker. Phrase/Word ...
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Share Frustrating English
MichaelM 2016-12-18 04:10
I came to China with plans of staying only one year. In fact, I stayed there 5 years. And, I would be there now if not for the law that requires a foreigner to leave for 6 months after remaining there for 5 consecutive years. Why am I in China? Why will I choose to come back as soon as I can? The answer is easy. I am obsessed with helping Chinese students reach their goals and realize their dreams. My part to play in their quest for success is, giving them the best English training ...
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Share Speak English Right Now! 12/17/16
MichaelM 2016-12-18 01:10
Speak English Right Now! 12/17/16 Go listen to this lesson at Good morning. Today, I will teach you the difference between a word and a phrase that are both spoken the same. They have different meanings. I’ll show you the different ways that each are used and let you practice. Words/Phrases alright all right Alright is nonstandard spelling of ‘all right’. It means the same as ‘o.k.’ (agree ...
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