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jackjohnson7 2018-5-5 23:03:23
Hi how are you? i am Jack johnson, American Army currently working in Iraq please kindly contact me i will like to know more about you OK please my dear just sand me a messages in my email address i will tell you more about myself  too
Ted180 2017-3-16 02:00:58
Perhaps your new relationship with an indigenous American has caused you to react more extremely to Trump and white racism. Trump has only 4 years (if he avoids removal under 25th Amendment for "presidential incapacity"). I will be dead by then; but you will be alive.
prettybaby50 2017-1-17 03:28:28
My Dearest, pls contact me here ( abdelblessing @yahoo . com ) i came across your profile and it interests me so i decided to leave a message of friendship and also i will like to discuss something private with you to see how you can be of help about it, send me an email today and i will send you my pictures and tell you more about me please!I am waiting for your reply now!
Yours forever
1584austin 2016-11-17 18:36:21
I don't often take comments seriously but he's a troll. I can't be bothered on here.... too many idiots . See you around JF
1584austin 2016-11-17 11:33:32
I usually keep my nose clean as I feel I'm a little help to the BBS, but I'm sick of some pathetic posters esp seneca when it comes to his women bashing.  
1584austin 2016-11-17 11:19:15
Women basher Seneca strikes again darling GRRR
Ted180 2016-1-2 01:35:06
On this sex and gender business, I'm being SINCERE. For me, personally, sex is linked to love (as I gather it is for you). I don't VALUE prostitution at all. But, I believe in individual freedom (within appropriate social restraints from causing harm to others). Our argument is not so much about SEX as about the extent of reasonable SOCIAL RESTRAINTS.  
Ted180 2014-9-11 03:49:51
Good to see you're still posting. I've been concentration on the Moscow Times site during this unfortunate Ukraine crisis.
Motika 2014-3-4 11:36:14
if you want to talk you can connect thru skype: colak_mediametar.
less time spent on writting, to use voice

Motika 2014-3-4 09:55:22
Thanks for a good discussion !
Ted180 2014-2-18 19:40:06
I have never seen you make your point more persuasively! For complex reasons, many men cannot openly admit that their sexual feelings include tenderness, respect and comradeship with women. Hats off to you!
Ted180 2014-1-15 17:41:35
Let me try to explain. I think the only thing that guarantees the survival of freedom is free speech. Now there must be some limitations on it (national security, public safety ie: "yelling fire in a crowded theater"). These limitations must be kept to a minimum. Therefore speech should not be limited for less-than-major reasons (ie: to spare peoples' feelings). Now, I will concede that, if attending the meeting WAS required for the course then the ass-hole should get a zero for that part of the ... ...
Ted180 2014-1-14 21:41:38
I am surprised to find us fighting rather bitterly about freedom of expression. Please do not think this means I don't like and respect you. It's just that we DO disagree. Let us continue to argue; bur remain friends.
Ted180 2014-1-1 19:04:00
Happy New Year JFenix. May 2014 bring you ever-increasing pleasure!
winkingyang 2013-11-8 15:31:38
so many posts with you, hot and interesting topic,
DMZappa 2013-10-23 03:58:45
Hey, have you given up on these bastards or just tired of wasting your time? Have not seen you on CD. I like your responses.
Mark Osborne, Honolulu, Hi.
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