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Share Modern take on adultery and morality
2014-7-15 11:40
Wang Xiaoying / China Daily Adultery falls into the realm of morality , yet it often manifests itself as a corollary of one ' s social position . As such , it tends to be perceived in the context of power or money . A spate of recent announcements from the ongoing relentless campaign against ...
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Share Leading lady a true legend
2014-7-15 10:56
Lisa Lu , 87, will play the female lead in A Dream Like a Dream , Stan Lai ' s eight-hour stage epic , for the upcoming Christmas season . Spanning two continents and more than half a century , Lisa Lu ' s career is the legacy of an icon . When she reprises the leading role in A Dream Like a Dream at the end of 2014, she will br ...
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Share The uncomfortable side of tradition
2014-7-7 16:36
Clothes make the man and preserve tradition as well . When we use clothing to connect to the past , it is important not to let it divide us in the present . A recent graduation ceremony made news not because of who made the speeches or what was said , but because of what everyone present wore . The event at Jiangsu Normal University drew the ...
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Share Savior or showman, saint or sinner?
2014-7-7 15:51
A Chinese businessman ' s radical approach to charity in the US has raised some eyebrows . Although his method is deeply rooted in tradition , it has now evolved , leaving him looking more like a showman than a philanthropist . Chen Guangbiao is at it again . The some-say eccentric renewable energy and recycling billionaire , and now self-styled , high-profile ...
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Share Matter of honor and duty to care
2014-7-3 13:30
When a celebrity actor is caught with his pants down , he may see his career crumbling even though a tidal wave of cynical sympathy purports to buttress him up . The conspicuous absence of any mention of a nominated film at a news conference for the 17th Shanghai International Film Festival made headlines across the nation . Uncle Victor ...
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Share Bon appetite
2014-6-17 10:26
Pang Li / China Daily We all love the food we grow up on , but we also seek adventure in the food we have never tasted . A hugely popular TV documentary series puts the spotlight on a culinary tradition that should make China proud . Of all the subjects fit for documentary filmmaking , food is probably not high on the priority l ...
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Share Doing the right thing
2014-6-10 16:49
The silence from bystanders was deafening when all you could hear from videos of the Zhaoyuan beating was a woman ' s screams . The subsequent soul-searching reveals a nation caught in a quandary between the instincts for self-protection and the need to act . A nation was shocked over the weekend when videos of a vicious beating went viral . On the ev ...
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Share Co-productions are no guarantee
2014-6-6 14:17
When two countries work together in an attempt to create a cinematic masterpiece , the results can be brilliant , but more often than not , fail to appeal to audiences across the cultural divide , Raymond Zhou writes . Film co-production has become something of a holy grail , which many in the film industry relentlessly pursue yet few , if any , have attained . ...
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Share The Chinese art of mythmaking
2014-6-4 09:01
An outsider ' s perspective is valuable . But even in this age of instant information the outsider could become a poster boy made malleable by preconceived perceptions and a thirst for contrast . In the minds of most Chinese , the word " Harvard " is synonymous with educational excellence - to the point of overshadowing other equally top-notch Western institutions o ...
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Share Language should be a matter of choice
2014-5-28 10:17
Making every college student pass a uniform test of English has created an unexpected fallout, which a new testing system under consideration may rectify. The recent week has seen a spate of seemingly contradictory news stories about the fate of English language testing in the all-important national college entrance examination. At first, there were rumors that such exams will be scrapped from the system. Then it was "confirmed" by someone of note at a forum that 2017 is the deadline. ...
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  • Language should be a matter of choice 2014-6-3 01:16

    Equating mandatory English learning with ancient kowtow ritual? Cynical indeed.But this is fair enough, "let each individual decide how much English he or she should master," and idealistically so of course. FYI, I've seen a productio of the Peony Pavilion with flawless English subtitles translated by a visiting Canadian student, which put me to shame for I needed his English translation at times to understand some of the archaic words.

  • A hard look at heroes - and their heroics 2014-5-20 10:12

    Thanks for sharing your story here, we have highlighted your blog.

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