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Original Cartoon:Hi, my girls, long time no see

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Blink of an eye, I have graduated from college for two yearsI miss my roommates very much. So, I draw a series of cartoon for themand cherish the memory of my college life.

Now, I will introduce the members of our dormitory.


Jie, a gentle and quiet girl from ShanDong. She has a slender figure with soft voice beautiful smileshe always takes care of us when we have a sick or bad emotion. Her eyes are good at finding the advantages of othersbut that’s why she is such narcissistic.


YunCaia beautiful and talented girl from Hubeishe is one of the most clever student in our class. She gains a scholarship every termwhich makes us envy. Moreovershe can danceand always shows her dance to us. But she has a slight funny Jingzhou accent.


Liis a lovely cute girl from Qinghaishe is kind-hearted to everybodyand think about others first all the times. She has a good temper that I have hardly seen her anger. She is short so that sometimes she looks like a elementary school student.


Xiaowo, Yes, it’s me, a tough girl, but I prefer to call myself a literary girl. I like drawing and writing, and doing something follow my mood.


Here comes some interesting slice of our life


Jie is a talkative girl with lots of boring topic that from clothes to her relatives in class


Every time we meet some difficult homeworkwe all place hopes on YunCaiand urge her to solve the problem.


Li never curse at anyone because of her soft character. One time she is annoyed by a boythen she just replies him with aHum”!


In our dormitoryall my roommates except me talk in their sleep at night, I always repeat what they have said last night to thembut they retort:“you are the only person who don’t have sleep talkingso you are the most abnormal people in our dormitory! ” excuse me


We all sleep on the upper berthso the one who wants to go to the toilet is the one who turns off the light.


In order to save time and water, sometime we take a shower togetherthat’s not embarrassing at all for us.

This door no longer belongs to us , but no one could take the beautiful memory awaythat is in our heart forever.

 Long time no see, my lovely girls!

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If you like my cartoons, please click "like" to support me, or you can give me some advice,thank you!haha

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