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10. Thabo Mbeki (Former President of South Africa) The one thing you will find in common with this entire list is that they don't bow down to bullying from inperialists. The west was hoping to use Mbeki to destabilize Zimbabwe, but Mbeki resisted, thereby allowing independence, and dem0cracy to flourish.

9. Robert Mugabe (President of Zimbabwe) Mugabe has allowed Zimbabwe to be one of the most independent and free countries on the African continent, while most others are in chaos while under the thumb of the west. Trump rules with an america first policy, but Mugabe prefers a Zimbabwe first policy.

8. Jacob Zuma (Current President of South Africa) Here's another man who is hated by the west, which should give him street cred right off the bat. He's an independent leader who thinks for himself, and does not give in to pressure, and blackmail easily. He has also taken steps to improve the economic conditions of his country by joining the brics group.

7. Muammar Al-Gaddafi (RIP) The man who held Libya together for over 30 yrs. He's been around since the Mao era, and was brutally murdered by western backed terorists. He was known as an opponent of inperialism, limiting inperialist activities in Libya, while supporting independence abroad. At the same time, he governed with socialist principles and provided housing, food, and gave goverment subsidies to those who needed it.

6. Julius Malema (South Africa’s Youth Leader) He is a friend of the people. Born in 81, he is one of the younger leaders on the list, but has already made a good impression on his consitituents. He nationalized south African mines, and like Colonel Gadafi, he also redistributed land to people who needed it. Despite attacks from the western corporate media, and their proxies, Mr. Malema continues to do what is right.

5. Islam Karimov (President of Uzbekistan) Like many other great leaders, Mr. Karimov came from a humble background, and was trained as an engineer. He worked his way up the ranks in the Uzbek State Planning Committeee during the USSR era. He enjoyed great popularity amongst his people in Uzebekistan from the Soviet era until his death, while hated by western inperialist oligarks.

4. Bashar al-Assad (President of Syria) Asad is immensely popular in Syria. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why he survived a western led attack on his country. Initially trained as an eye doctor, he is a man who is practical. He comes from a political family, and despite having a british born wife, he doesn't take dictation from the west, and seeks out allies throughout the world. One of the reasons why he is popular is because of his dem0cratic practices. It was in Asad's Syria that christians, Sunis, and Shiites all got along, and worked alongside one another. He has given several press interviews where he shows his audience that he is someone who seeks justice, and peace.

3. Omar al-Bashir (Sudanese President) Bashir has been around for a long time, and is known for doing the right thing. From the very begining, he was independent and wasn't trying to be a stooge of inperialism. He had a reputation for supporting the freedom and dem0cratic struggles. For this, the west couldn;t stand him. In fact, he had half his country (the oil rich part) taken from him by the west precisely for doing the right thing. The west had been plotting against him for decades. Bashir has a long track record of serving the people. Like Gadafi, Bashir was a military man. Some of his more popular moves include fighting against Israel in the Yom Kipur war. Like many other popular leaders including Gadafi, and Mao, Mr. al-Bashir believed in solidarity, and he was a proponent of Pan-Arabism. Bashir is also a proponent of the African space agency, believing that if Africa was to be independent it should develop its own space program and liberate Africa from technnological domination by the west. In many ways, Mr. Bashir shares similar visions to China, because it was not to long ago when China had the same dreams.

2. Thaksin Shinawatra (Former Prime Minister of Thailand) Thaksin started out as a cop, and ventured into business. He then became a politician and enjoyed a great deal of popularity. He seemed like a guy who tried to cooperate with the west, but that just wasnt enough, as the west seeks total domination. His semi independent policies would eventually land him in hot water with the west who ousted him, showing the amount of influence the west has in Thailand. Despite his falling out with the west, and the accusations made against hm by the west, Thaksin still enjoys a great deal of popularity, where his movement still lives on as Thaksin lives in exile.

1. Kim Jong – un  Needs no introduction

The man holding up the free world. A man ahead of his time, leading the most progresive movement in the world while only in his 30s. He resists pressure from the strongest bullies in the world. He continues the independent tradition of his father, and grandfather.

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      Being an atheist, I'm not touting Christianity. Indeed, elements of Christianity have been abused in Northern Ireland and have caused harm to women and gays. As for Islam, I've read an entire English translation of the Quran (Koran). It is not much more violent than the Old Testament (a Jewish tribal story); but it's boring because it was written by just one man (Mohammed). Islam avoids the strange nonsense about the "trinity". but it has its angels and miracles too. The basic moral message is similar to "do unto others what you'd like them to do to you". The (few) violent passages actually refer to the desperate struggle against annihillation that Mohammed's early followers made against other more primitive Arabs. Mohammed's attitude toward Christians and Jews was friendly. The current violent Islamism seems to be a heresy being used to preserve the special privileges of some Imams, and a way to help males feel that they can control females. This may be a problem for many Arab males after they were humiliated ("castrated") by the Israeli Jews! I don't worry much about this Islamism. Because it's so anti-Western, it can't achieve the kind of industrial, technical and military efficiency that grows from the non-religious, scientific "West". It's a fraud perpetrated on poor people by an elite that knows its special privileges will be destroyed by modern science and democracy. Good, moderate Muslims will survive; but the extremists will vanish.

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