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Share Body Policing in China; victim blaming, sexism, and more staring
2017-9-12 09:00
Even middle school dress code policies seem to be too much for China. The standard fingertip length shorts and dresses are met with staring. Three fingers width shirt straps garner scandalized glances and unsolicited comments. Accidentally revealed bra straps on shoulders get pointed looks. China, one of the most populous countries in the world, seems to be fairly uniform, leaning on those who stand out to blend in. The policing of women’s bodies is one such issue that stems from this con ...
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Share Getting stared at in China
2017-8-3 10:42
Getting stared at in China: Thoughts on Chinese cultural curiosity, globalization, and racism Have you ever walked into a room and caught everyone’s attention at once? Have you ever been gazed at, from top to bottom, as if you were an ancient, foreign relic on display? Have you ever stared back, challenging, only to have your surveyors continue to watch you, unperturbed? &n ...
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      • Body Policing in China; victim blaming, sexism, and more staring 2017-9-15 17:19

        Are you sure you talk about China?

      • Body Policing in China; victim blaming, sexism, and more staring 2017-9-13 20:10

        Interesting observations but a tad over the top. Feminists have a long history of b1tshing and moaning. It is time for them to return to Planet Earth and cohabit along with normal people.

        If someone does not respect society's dress code then it is wrong to complain about society's reactions. Why complain that people stare at individuals exposing body parts that society is used to not see? These women expose themselves. We call this "exhibitionism". Exhibitionism is a mental deformity for which you could go to jail in the recent past. Now long slender legs and women's cleavages are a normal sight although they are highly distracting. If everyone has to get used to seeing half-naked females then these exhibitionist females should get used to being stared at. Full stop.

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