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personal freedoms at risk

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anyone whos been on the internet for a minute knows what its like to be bombarded by comments, and prapaganda claiming how free the west is, and how unfree china is, but i havent noticed the west being anymore free than the rest of the world. in fact, it's quite the opposite. most of the rules that violate personal freedoms are created by the west. ie, cant carry water onto planes, full body scans, or taking off your shoes to go through security. common rules associated with authoritarienism originate in the west, for example, machine readible passports. retna scans, and fingerprints at airports. the west has essentially forced the whole world to use machine readable passports. youre much more likely to have all your luggage searched in the west than you are in china. immigration officers in the west also have a habit of going through your cell phone to see who youve contacted, because often times, you are guilty until proven innocent. if the west became anymore extreme in their violations, theyd require passengers to enter the plane nude to make sure theyre not hiding any drugs, or weapons. hardly what i consider freedom. while many western airports, and airports of their lackeys take your finger print. china has yet to do this. in fact, neither does the dprk. in some western countries, you need an id to open up a mail box rental. this not only shows that western leaders do not trust their subjects, but also people are not given the freedom to do something as simple as renting a mailbox. most of europe has required proof of address to open a bank account for decades. not so in china. practically speaking, what goes on in the west isnt what you would think of when you think of freedom. anyone who goes to the west expecting freedom would be highly disapointed. despite that, western prapagandists constantly claim that people migrate to the west "seeking freedom." however, it is the west who seems to be a leader in taking away peoples freedoms.the first country in the world to require phone number verifications to sign up for email was america. gmail started it, then hotmail, and yahoo both followed suit. again, not what you think of when you are considering freedom. some muslims in the west are crying foul too. muslims have suffered so much discrimination , that theyre afraid of telling people theyre muslims. you got muslims pretending to be mexicans in america. thats how bad it is. how free is it, when you cant even hold your head up high, and be proud of your own religion. the west frequently pushes religious freedom onto others, but that might be the case only if you happen to be christian or juwesh. even hindus are getting pushed into subways, simply for being hindu. the hindu man (Sunando Sen) was pushed into the subway tracks by a racist, and run over by the train. the asailant claimed she wanted revenge for 911. at least in china, muslims proudly wear their outfits without fear of being beaten or harased. in fact, christians, and juz can walk the chinese street wearing their outfits without getting beat up. in fact, if you try to become an actor in the west, they will advise you to change your name to something that sounds local, because they are so intolerant of foreigners. did you know the real name of actor ben kingsley is actually Krishna Pandit Bhanji? the west is so free, yet you dont even have the freedom to be yourself without fear of discrimination. is it really the audience who has a problem with foreign names, or is it the establishment? the problem goes beyond the muslim community though. blacks in some western countries have been under attack for the past 100 years. today,blacks are being thrown in prison at alarming rates. china used to say "serve the people", but it seems that many western countries only know how to serve their people by throwing them in prison. in some western countries, 1 in 3 black men must serve prison time at some point in their lives. studies have shown that blacks will do more prison time than whites who comit the same crime. if a black and a white man kills someone, it's quite possible the black will be locked up for 20 years while the white gets 10. the real question is, what kind of "free society" throws 33% of their black population in prison? many prisoners in the west are also being sent to work in dangerous conditions. for example, prisoners in a western country were sent to clean up the now infamous bp oil spill. since ordinary workers did not want to take the risk of cleaning up the sewage, prisoners were thrown in to do the dirty work. it's rather unfortunate how western cops are given huge amounts of power directly at the expense of ordinary citizens. western cops have now become infamous for killing innocents and never being brought to justice. they had the ferguson riots not because the west was free. rather they practiced something contradicting what we would consider freedom. in addition to shooting first, and asking questions later, they have programs like stop and frisk, where ordinary people are stopped for no reason at all, and checked. while it is understandable that stop and frisk may have positive intentions, it is outright deceptive to call yourself a free country, and then engage in stop and frisk. routinely searching motorists vehicles on a traffic stop also challenges the entire notion of freedom. authoretarianism has always been a problem in many western towns, where it is a crime to be "driving while black", meaning that cops can pull you over just for being black. do you think the victims of dwb will consider the west free? western schools are also known to have cops. so many of you may be asking this question, if their country is so free, then why do they need cops to watch over their every move? do western leaders simply not trust students by themselves? or has western education become such a failure that young westerners simply cannot control themselves in school? police states are not free. western countries are also known to have some of the highest prison populations per capita than the rest of the world, in some cases 6 times more than china. never before in human history have we seen such high incarceration rates as in some western countries. the internet is so misleading and tries to dupe the public into believing that the west enjoys more freedom than others, but the jokes on us, because the west is not free. many things that you can frequently get arrested for in the west, is rare in the rest of the world. unfortunately, westerners have become so acustomed to the authoritarienism that they believe it to be normal. theyve been so opresed, that they dont even know what freedom is anymore. for example, downloading songs, and movies. in many cases, minors have been arrested, and criminally charged for downloading songs, and music. this hardly ever happens in china. what you do with your property is also strictly enforced in the west. if you have a 2bd room apt, then it is illegal for you to convert it into 2 separate apts. you also dont have the freedom to turn your house into a hotel without proper licensing. these rules are much more strictly enforced in the west than in china. the same goes for your car. in the west, there are limitations to what you can do with your car. you cant modify it in many ways. many western towns forbid the use of tinted windows, and strictly regulate how far your bumper must be from the ground. you are also much more likely to be locked up if you are a street vendor in the west, where street sales are strictly enforced. someone selling socks on the sidewalk may be a common sight in china, but has become an extinction in the west. many western towns also enforce the use of bicycle helmets. if you dont wear one, you will face hefty fines. some western countries also send police to arrest children who arent attending school. they call them truancy patrol. if you are under 18, and strolling the streets on a weekday, you could very well land yourself in a police station. you hardly see anyone in china getting pulled over by the cops, but in the west, it's like a regular occurance. a broken tail light is enough for a cop to stop you, but it doesnt end there. you will likely get your car searched, and a background check run on you. it's also not uncommon for cops to ask where you are going, or where you are coming from.anyone who has been to the west can see that the police interfere much more in the daily lives of people than china, or other 3 world countries. it doesnt seem that the west is very free. in fact, the west seems to fit the profile of what sane people would call authoritarien. many westerners are throwin in prison for drinking in public, or under age drinking, something hardly enforced in china. in fact, westerners are so desprate to lock people up, they set up sting operations. in fact, theres a western tv show called to catch a predator, where adults pretend to be children to lure pidofiles into their house, and arrest them. in the west, female cops also dress up as prostitutes to arrest horny men. if your tail light is out, then western cops seem to seize this opportunity to check your background, and search your car. for many western cops, it's not about ticketing you for the offense. rather, it's a crusade to find problems in every motorist. if your car is broken down in some western countries, the cops will be less interested in helping you than arresting you. no, he probably wont call a tow truck for you, but he will likely check your drivers license to see if there are any warants for your arest. one westerner, out of fear, told us anonymously, that he was beaten by the police for urinating on the street. while it's not good to urinate on the street, sometimes, it is hard to find a public toilet, and it;s a shame how many western cops take the law into their own hand by deciding what people's punishment ought to be. the west talks about a free market, yet they restrict most chinese products, ie chinese cars, or even huawei equipment. chinese planes cant even fly to the west without including western parts on the plane, to ensure maximum profit for the west. can you imagine chinese airports demanding that chinese parts must be installed onto a boeing in order to be flown into china? on the other hand, western oligarks expect to be able to export anything they want into china, often times defective, or faulty products. scandals have shown that the west enjoys exporting returned items from western stores to china. western customer doesnt like a product, returns it to the store. no problem. send it to china. two things come to mind however, where the west grants freedom, drug use, and gay sex. the problem is, most people are not drug addicts, or gays, therefore, the freedom doesnt apply.

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