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Share 7 Initiatives to Implement International Student Success
rcenglish 2017-4-4 11:54
7 Initiatives to Implement International Student Success
The future is with exploring and adapting to new environments. Students who study abroad are of a different caliber because they accept new challenges and show great determination in pursuit of higher education. It’s admirable and everyone wishes them the best. However, they may not really know what awaits them and related organizations and agencies don’t really prepare them for the educational reality. Sure, students know about the language test issues and have heard from friends about th ...
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Share 4 Common English Learning Issues in China
rcenglish 2017-3-31 14:35
4 Common English Learning Issues in China
Language improvement comes down to focusing on two areas: providing an effective lesson and correcting the weakness. Naturally, teachers will tend to put in more effort to create lessons that strengthen the speaking ability. But I would argue that they should also focus on correcting the weakness because this may have a greater personal impact for the learner down the road. Simply put, many of these oral or written problems can create a negative impression, especially in an in ...
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Share 5 Important Ways to Help Students Improve Their Speech
rcenglish 2017-3-28 17:15
In China, learning the English language presents learners with many interesting challenges – but there are solutions. Some of the hurdles that students need to overcome are systemic, while others are more individualized, however, both can severely hinder speech. The background story is that the educational system is exam focused, so you will find that lecture and rote-based practices are predominant in English speaking classes, in contrast to a communicative approach. Mo ...
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Share 8 New Teacher Tips from a TEFL Veteran
rcenglish 2017-3-27 13:54
8 New Teacher Tips from a TEFL Veteran
Ok, you got your TEFL certificate, and now the world is yours to teach! Then you got your first teaching gig only to realize that the formal teacher training classes you got were background information and not applicable to the teaching reality of getting students to speak. Moreover, the middle school wants you to pull rabbits out of your hat to keep students happy regardless of learning. Or, the training center requests that you follow their outdated materials, killing off any chance for ...
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