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The Best Thing We Can Give Others

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The Best Thing We Can Give Others 
Is Not ‘GIVE’ But ‘HOPE’

By Wang Yifei (王怡菲), a 7th grader of Zhengzhou Middle School

      We are always talking about how we should give more and ask less. And everyone acts like if everyone gives enough to others, then this world will become a better place. But there is also a problem that lies between this happy dream and the cruel reality: sometimes, what we think is awesome doesn’t really suit the others, and subsequently in this way, you give more and you hurt more.

      I once had an experience like that. We were asked to finish an essay about technology and my friends found out a brilliant one online. She made like twenty copies and started giving them out, free. Of course, we were all very troubled about this essay and when the due date was coming nearer and nearer, we were all eager to get our hands on one of the copies. As for me, I have always kept a close relationship to her and I became one of the luck people to have one of the copies. We made some changes about the essays so they wouldn’t be the same, and then we turned them in, feeling this should at least earned an A. 
      Three weeks later, I was called to the teachers office for copying and being disrespectful to what the teacher had said. And mind you, I was extremely confused at the whole time when the teacher started talking about how important it was to listen to her all the time and then she started complaining about how we were ungrateful and our actions should be punished severely. 

      I got a feeling that this conversation had something to do with those twenty copies, and sure enough, she pulled out my essay and started scolding me with a pained expression on her face, “Sunny, this is totally unbearable, please remind me what the essay should be about?” “Uh, isn’t it about technology?” I answered timidly. “Yes, and look at what you’ve done?”

      She handed me my essay and I looked down and nearly got a heart attack, the title was alright, but the essay below was killing me. I read it through for the first time and found out that it was all about how to protect dogs. 

      “I don’t know what you were thinking, but this is very irresponsible for you to do this.” She was still blubbering endlessly and I was completely frozen on the spot. But how could it be, my friend looked so sure when she gave me that essay, there could be one explanation…

      I found her and it turned out she had mistaken about the essay because of that title and so we had to get punished together with the other eighteen people that had got the copies.

      So this might explain that in some circumstances, giving much doesn’t really do good things to this world…

      In my opinion, the best thing we could give others is ‘hope’. Hope might not worth a thing in some people’s opinion, but it’s actually priceless. Hope can bring the dead alive, and it’s the only thing that could last.

      Sometimes, we were out there in the dark and we could see anything. We’ve lost our faith and lost our goals. Then at this time, all we need is a warm sentence, a light to help us get out of this darkness, and that thing is hope. It could be a small action or sometimes only a caring glance. Hope, is truly the master of this world. This world could not function without hope, and without hope, people could not work properly and that would only lead to the death of one specie.

      Just keep this in mind and strut down, and just don’t forget to give out hope.
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excellent work.

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    excellent work.

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