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The Story of an Awkward Irish Representative of MUN

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The Story of an Awkward Irish Representative of MUN

By Wang Yifei (王怡菲), a 7th grader of Zhengzhou Middle School

      Back when I was still in elementary school, my parents were always talking about a competition of some sort called the Model United Nations (MUN). It was supposed to be awesome, and only those whose English were really good could have the capability to join in.

       As for me, I always wanted to be a representative of a country and fight for its rights and benefits. It would be so cool, to sit in a huge hall, and to fight a battle without smoke. Unfortunately, I had to wait till I got in middle school to attend it, for there was no MUN in my elementary school. So that kind of explained why the first thing I did when I got in was to sign up for the MUN. The preparation of the meeting was long and boring. I had to sit there listening to a fellow chairman’s speech about the MUN, which wasted my homework time and I didn’t learn anything at all. Mainly because I was busy denying him rather than listening.

       Anyway, this morning, I was supposed to go to my first MUN meeting as the representative of the Republic of Ireland. But I forgot where it happens. So my dad and I ran around my school for an hour before finally knowing that we had come to the wrong place. What was awkward was that a bunch of ninth graders were having their Adulthood Ceremony. And we actually had to walk on the red carpet in order to get to the school building, which, believe me, was worse than eating a mouse alive. Everyone was looking and pointing. God, who could tell me was it my dad’s Adulthood Ceremony or mine? We walked around the school, looking for any signs of the MUN meeting, but it was nowhere to be seen. We called the teacher and found that we were actually far from the right place ---- Zhengzhou No.7 Middle School, 13 kilometers away from my school.

       And that was how we got back home again to get the car keys before setting off to the right destination. And this time, my mom came too, in order to keep an eye on us. The time when I finally reached the meeting place, I was already an hour and half late. Luckily, I didn’t really miss anything since it was merely the opening ceremony. Then we began to play something real. I was very excited when the teacher said the ceremony was over for I was eager to go to the meeting place. Turned out I was half right, we were indeed going to the meeting place, but not before we dragged the extremely heavy chairs across the square, up and down the steps and into the classroom. I couldn’t even feel my hands after that long agony. I mean, have you ever seen a bunch of representatives from all over the world carrying heavy chairs so they could have a place to sit in the meeting place? This is ridiculous!

       When we finally settled down, the chairman explained to us about the MUN, and then we started. I prepared for my speech carefully but there was really no chance for me to say anything. Everyone was eager to speak and I could tell that the chairman was having a hard time deciding which representative should go first. As you could predict, he didn’t pick me. So there I was, killing time in my seat, half listening to everyone. When the meeting reached to the middle part, I motioned for the Children’s Labor. What a wonderful and important question! But there weren’t enough people supporting me to make this motion passed. On one point, it seemed that this meeting could not go on anymore, because everyone was eager motioning while, when each topic was motioned, no one agreed.

      It got really weird at last, and when the meeting was down to the last five minutes, all the sound in the hall was basically the chairman saying “Are there any motions on the floor?” again and again. I nearly fell asleep right there in the middle of the meeting. The un-moderated caucus was pretty nice, mainly because we used it as a time to chat. When the meeting was over, it was hard to say if I learned anything, since it was so crowed and so loud.

       Sometimes, things aren’t really that great when you finally tried to do it. I always thought the MUN should be almost as good as the real one, but it looks like I was dead wrong. In our life, we should not fear trying, we should try new things and gain our experience. It can also help us to distinguish from good and bad, which will help us greatly.

       Though I didn’t learn much from the MUN itself, but I did learn two things today: first always listens when the teacher is saying something important, and take care of myself. Second, more tries means more chance of getting success.

       It was actually a quite meaningful day. From now on, MUN to me is just a common meeting where we will follow the rules and pretend to be the fellow delegates of the countries in the world. No more mysterious masks and no more perfect imaginations about it. I think it’s still worth it today.  

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Note: This composition was originally a diary written on Nov 20, 2016, and published in my dad's QQ space with his introduction going as the follows:
这个周末两天,河南省第七届青少年模拟联合国会议在郑州七中举办,来自河南省中小学的33个代表队与会。郑州中学是去年的主办方,今年也派出庞大代表团参与。菲儿是第一次参与这样的活动,被分派到英文组作为爱尔兰驻联合国代表,她要参与联合国第三委员会:社会人道主义和文化 Third Committee: Social, Humanitarian and Culture (SOCHUM)的活动,讨论的话题是 Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Children (儿童权利保护与提升)。 

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Reply Report voice_cd 2017-2-9 14:52
thanks for sharing your story here, we would like to highlight it on the homepage.
Reply Report alyssadeng 2017-2-10 12:23
You have a promising future and keep fighting.
Reply Report SunnyWang2004 2017-2-10 12:37
alyssadeng: You have a promising future and keep fighting.
Reply Report HailChina! 2017-2-13 02:43
I would rather eat a mouse alive than a dead one. Unless someone cooked it or something.

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