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A Chinese Odyssey

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Today I reviewed a Hongkong film – A Chinese Odyssey, a film watched uncountable times by me. In my view, this is a classic film, a comedy film, and an underestimated film by those who don’t watch Chinese film. Apart from Jacky Chen, Bruce Lee, and Jet Lee, we have another talented actor and comedian.


The reason why I write this introduction is because the film has a household name  in China, especially among the millennial generation.  It is a film as well produced as Three Idiots,  a film in India, and as Edward Scisorhands, a film  in the US. The star, Stephen Chow, is as good an actor and comedian as Aamir Khan in India, and as Johnny Depp in America.


The film, A Chinese Odyssey, consists of two parts. Part one is named: Pandora’s Box ; pat two is named Cinderella. The film is based on a renowned Chinese novel – Journey to The West, but has recreated many scripts that are laughable as well as deep thinking of a main theme – love.


Stephen Chow is the leading role as Monkey King, who has two loving stories in both parts of the film. As a comedian, Stephen has a perfect performance in the whole film making you laugh with tears.


Without leaking more details, I deeply recommend the ones who hasn’t watched the film watching it. As long as one can get the gist of the story afterwards, I guarantee you won’t feel disappointed. Just suck it and see.  

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