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Report of English Learning Groups on Wechat

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The purpose of this report is to show the current situation of English learning groups on Wechat.


Findings: since now, I have joined some Wechat groups dedicated to English learning. Mainly can I put them into two types.


 The first type is organized by a training centre or the alike. They usually advertise on some English learning Apps, then by scanning the code they have posted, one can get into the group. Oftentimes there is a host in it, at first, posting some learning materials, and correcting tiny errors that group members have made. The ostensible purpose is to help the members improve their English. In the first few days, members of the group are active and participate in some activities, such as reading short lines the host has posted in the group. It is usually fun to join the conversation during those days. Then after a few days, let us say a week or so, the host would post adverts showing a charged lecture taught by some teachers on live streaming or a platform like CCtalk. By knowing the tactics of this type that have been much seen on Wechat, the momentum of learning in the group drops consequently and finally the group changes into a deadly quiet space except relevant and irrelevant adverts, relatively being posted by the host and other ghost members. And usually when a group came to this end, I would quit from it. So what would happen later on, I did not know.


The second type of the groups is oftentimes managed by no more than two organizers, and free for all the group members. In a word, this type of groups focus on self-learning. I have joined some groups of this type. Like the first type, the content usually contains some reading materials and small talk. The morale is also very alike—first days high, then drops in the following days till ending up into a dead space. Usually the tactic used to sustain the momentum is by searching and finding new members, but the downturn in the momentum is still inevitable.


As for my group, Speak Out English, which I created a few months ago, it belongs to the second type. It is totally free of charge, self-learning oriented and aims at improving oral English. Despite each day there is a topic supplied for discussion, it is still lack of participants for many topics.


The members in both types are dominated by adults who already have a job and want to improve English in the spare time, other minority are college students. Their English skills vary largely from primary level to advanced level, which from my view, is one reason to the quietness in the groups, since the message sent cannot normally get an instant feedback.


Having stated the drawbacks of the Wechat group for English learning, it is time to count the pros. First of all, it is, of course, more convenient for anyone to learn English, if not the most. Members in the groups can practice at any place, at any time. Secondly, it is a better way to get in touch with native speakers than you find them in the real world. For instance, if you live in a rural area of China, it seems impossible to find any native speakers. Even though not many of them stay in such groups, at least there is one or two and you can get help from them.


In conclusion, although drawbacks are here and there for learning groups on Wechat, they are beneficial for the ones that want to learn English. All we should do is avoid the disadvantages and take the most of the advantages.


Furthermore, I recommend Speak Out English to group finders, anyone felt interested can add my Wechat account 15526869310. At the same time any comment on this report is also welcome to leave below here.

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