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How to quit smoking

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I quit smoking last October. I am not addicted to nicotine anymore. The way made me want a cigarette is beyond my feelings, which means if no one forces me to smoke, I would probably never pick up a cigarette.

The hardest and the most suffering period stood in the first month after I decided to quit smoking. For several times, I nearly failed, as my negative emotion thirsted a cigar to comfort. By a strong and determined mind, I did not come close to one smoke. So make sure during the first smoke-quitting month there are not many affairs which put on extra stress
or anxiety, making it a period as calm and peaceful as possible. It would help, believe me. After this tough first month, things would be easier to cope.

The second vital factor is to keep a distance from your smoking friends. Over my course to quitting smoking, the distance between me and my smoking friends is far enough, so far that some of them asked me with surprise if I truly quit smoking and when I quit, because
they did not realize I hadn’t smoked for months. The reason why it is vital is
that people in China care their superficial dignity, they would regard your
refusal of a cigar as unfriendly to them. To prevent that case, a better method
is to get out of one’s comfort zone, and think out of box. One hint from me is:
stop smoking with your friends right now, if you believe in a no-smoking self
in the rest of you life.

See, these two factors are easy to acquire,
at least they cost you nothing. However, above these two factors is your
action, because taking action is the foremost thing.

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Chengking: Congratulations!

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