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Share An Engineer and A Teacher
2017-8-31 10:31
One day a school teacher met a company engineer at a café. “Hi, I am a school teacher, but I am interested in engineering.” The teacher gave a preliminary introduction. “Oh, glad to hear that. I am an engineer, but to tell you the truth, I don’t like my job very much.” The engineer responded. “Then, what interests you?” inquired the teacher holding his coffee. “Teaching, especially teaching teenagers!” answered the company employee. “Why didn’t you q ...
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Share A Letter to My One Year Older Self
2017-8-4 22:52
Dear Andrew: How time elapses, another year has passed by in a mere blink of an eye. In the last letter a year earlier, I told you that I would take some exams. Yes, this year I have taken two exams, the marks for both of which haven’t been released, so I have to wait for a month longer. But I know I would fail in one of them, because after I signed up, I noticed that the exam-time was against each other. Finally, I attended one exam and was absent from the o ...
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Share How to Promote Chinese Culture
2017-7-21 23:18
Before discussing culture promotion, we should know what culture is, and why we need to promote it. First of all, according to Oxford Dictionary, cultures are the customs and beliefs, art, way of life and social organization of a particular country or group. From the definition, we notice it comes from a group of people or a country, and it is the core of life. Without culture, people will not realize where they come from or who they are. It is culture that makes human beings dif ...
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Share Report
2017-7-10 17:30
The main purpose of this report is to improve the experience of learning English on Wechat. Introduction: Earlier I had written a report about learning English on Wechat, a Chinese social media app. In that, I wrote that groups of learning English were a way to learn English, especially for those who didn’t have excess to foreigners. However, after a further practice, I now realize some other facts which may be contradicted to the former report. Findings: ...
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Share Thoughts from Hong Kong to China
2017-7-6 16:21
July 1st 1997 was the date that Hong Kong returned to mainland China. Till now it has been 20 years, since that day. Under ”one country, two systems” policy, Hong Kong was permitted by the central government to keep its own political system which was founded by its British colony and had run under the system for more than 100 years. After the hand-over, many in the west had bet that Hong Kong would, to a certain extent, influence mainland’s political system. Is it true? Despite ...
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Share A Chinese Odyssey
2017-5-3 16:03
Today I reviewed a Hongkong film – A Chinese Odyssey , a film watched uncountable times by me. In my view, this is a classic film, a comedy film, and an underestimated film by those who don’t watch Chinese film. Apart from Jacky Chen, Bruce Lee, and Jet Lee, we have another talented actor and comedian. The reason why I write this introduction is because the film has a household name in China, especially among the millennial generation. &nbs ...
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Share Report of English Learning Groups on Wechat
2017-4-24 12:53
The purpose of this report is to show the current situation of English learning groups on Wechat. Findings: since now, I have joined some Wechat groups dedicated to English learning. Mainly can I put them into two types. T he first type is organized by a training centre or the alike. They usually advertise on some English learning Apps, then by scanning the code they have posted, one can get into the group. Oftentimes there is ...
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Share Xiongan New Area ---- A Chinese Blockbuster
2017-4-7 12:56
Located to the south of China’s capital city—Beijing and its neighbor Tianjin, a straight line of 100kms to Beijing, Xiongan was announced as a new special economic zone after Shenzhen(1979) and Pudong(1992) on April 1 st by the central government. First step would build a district of 100 square kilometers, and then the final target is to construct a 2000-square kilometer mega city---three times the size of New Yo ...
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Share How to quit smoking
2017-4-6 12:40
I quit smoking last October. I am not addicted to nicotine anymore. The way made me want a cigarette is beyond my feelings, which means if no one forces me to smoke, I would probably never pick up a cigarette. The hardest and the most suffering period stood in the first month after I decided to quit smoking. For several times, I nearly failed, as my negative emotion thirsted a cigar to comfort. By a strong and determined mind, I did not come close to one smoke. So make sure during ...
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Share How to end a custom?
2016-12-4 11:48
Last week, we talked about how custom formulated. In the last blog, we discovered two means by which custom was created. However, as time flies, some custom may go weaker or even disappeared. Why? How do they go to an end? It is thought to be a toptic worth thinking. From my point of view, there are also two means by which custom could be ended up. One means is driven by trend which shows a strong advantage to the people. One hundred years ago, car was new to the pe ...
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  • How to Promote Chinese Culture 2017-11-6 13:25

    AndrewHLi: agreed
    You agree with him? Think again.
    Places where winter was extremely cold simply could not be settled by people subsisting on sowing and planting.

  • A Letter to My One Year Older Self 2017-8-10 15:23

    sorry about your exam .. you should have check the time schedule before you signed it up ..

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