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Share China’s Development Model: An exquisite transformation from a developing to a d
kraza 2017-3-25 20:16
China’s Development Model: An exquisite transformation from a developing to a d
This report reflects a brief analysis of some prominent economic indicators which have been playing an indispensable role in stabilizing the development of China and gearing up for the challenges being encountered in a competitive ambiance under contemporary globalized economies. Though still the positive effects of frequently mentioned progress are not trickled down completely, but these might be visible by keeping the same pace or even with better strategic planning. The most pr ...
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Share Jiangsu in my Eyes
kraza 2017-2-5 00:21
Jiangsu in my Eyes
Exploration has been an integral part of my adventurous life amalgamated with historical and natural places as my passion and enthusiasm. China has a kaleidoscopic recognition in tourism coupled with diversified cultural heritage, sensational geographical variation, exquisite hospitality, delicious and internationally acclaimed cuisines, secured ambiance and amicable people representing a paragon of utopia. This itinerary is based on feelings and emotions disintegrated into splendid tourist po ...
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Share Harbin: A Gelid City
kraza 2017-1-17 01:08
Harbin: A Gelid City
Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang, is lionized as one of the coldest cities in the north-eastern region of China. Even the name is enough to shiver your body, a thrill of frigidity. My wanderlust never curbs my passion to explore various places despite any extreme climate and it also caused me to make my steps towards Harbin. But when I landed at Harbin airport, the gentle breeze welcomed me wholeheartedly. It was summer which made me realized that Harbin enjoys all the four seasons just like ...
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Share CHINA: An Incredible Journey
kraza 2016-9-15 15:30
CHINA: An Incredible Journey
Peregrination has been an integral part to satiate the amusement and scintillate the refreshment of mind providing an ultimate beatitude. Human nature is itinerant aboriginally and keeps ferreting out something new to explore. China, the land of odyssey, has been a center of attraction to the world’s tourists, intellectuals, students and other erudite professionals due to its diversified cultural values, plethora of Chinese cuisines infused with savor, amiable hospitality, devised infr ...
Personal category: My Chinese Story|4198 views|4 comments Popularity 5

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