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Report bellababy12 2017-5-14 03:29
Hello my dear
how are you hope you are fine?  
please i will like you to contact me on my private email (
for more discourtion thank you
miss bella
Report vf84tcat 2017-4-30 00:26
Thanks for your Friend request.  Nice to meet you  
Report smile1233 2017-4-29 20:14
hey it was nice talking to you. ...i think i am leaving now though....take care, and good luck!!
Report ly950821 2017-4-27 09:35
Report mbursian 2017-4-7 14:43
It's nice to make your acquaintance and be friends!
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  • Is Money Everything To You ? 2017-5-26 10:59

    Money is not everything to us, but it is really important. In my opinion, health it the most important part, I believe people could live happily without too much money, but it is impossible to do that without health.

  • Google AI Defeats Human Go Champion! 2017-5-26 08:31

    arabchinalover: That's right . I am reading about emotional intelligence these days , very interesting thing....
    Well I do not know what this - "..." is supposed to mean but yes emotional intelligence is very important and very valuable. You need emotional intelligence to have conversational intelligence which can help build better relationships including business relationships. You can't just force your way with humans in many situations.

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