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it's a lovely nice sunny day......
2017-4-3 08:16:26 Reply
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  • What I like and Dislike About China 2017-4-30 16:29

    smile1233: There are some good things about Chinese people that I just LOVE, but it's in spite of what communism did to them. ...I love how Chinese people do bus ...
    there are some good things about chinese people that i just love too, but it's in spite of what capitalism did to them. what was most impressive about china was its ability to resist inperialism and become a leader in the field. no other country in the world put in as much work as china did in the 60s to liberate the 3world, arm them, and train them. and no other country has matched that level of resistance since. what was even more impressive was how china was able to back the likes of martin luther king to bring the revalution right to the inperialist's doorstep. here are some other things that you got to love about china, and they are things that china did in direct disobedience to the west. beidou satelite system. the 2nd most advanced in the world after usa. building the islands in thr south china sea to defend the territories of china, again at the disaproval of the west. steel- when the west told china to stop producing steel, china said no, and decided to produce what was fit for china. internet- when the west comanded china use google instead of baidu, china was one of two countries in the world who said no. when the west demanded china to use facebook, again, china said no, and came out with weibo. we can say that today, no other country in the world dares to disobey the west, and china is the only one. for these reasons, you must take your hats off to china. if china decides to take things one step further and build a canal in thailand (despite the west's orders not to) to bypass singapore, china has claimed its place as a rising power. naturally the west would want china to use visa, and mastercard, and get rid of union pay, but isnt it great to know that china said no. imagine how much money paypal would make if there was no alipay. so how refreshing is it to know that alipay is here, and paypal can sit on the sidelines to watch. if you want to listen to a broken record and dogma, then talk to americans. and if that doesnt work, then you can talk to australians, and so on. americans in america are ok people, but americans who travel abroad. those are the parasites that you got to watch out for. has it ever occured to you that chinese men just dont want to talk to you. or chinese women for that matter. maybe they just know trash when they see it. if youre looking for clear, and immediate answers, you can always go back to your own country. youre right about china being too westernized, but i dont think the west is all that clean either. theres trash all over the streets of all the major western cities.

  • What I like and Dislike About China 2017-4-30 15:00

    last response eh? what? they only pay you to do x number of responses? i accept bad things about china too, and i also never said china was perfect. but my guess is 66-67 china was the best the world has ever known. your 5th grade teacher was a native american, therefore there was no discrimination. you cant argue with logic like that. if there was no discrimination, the civil rights movement wouldnt have took off. in fact, there wouldnt have been a civil rights movement at all. if 1 in 3 black men are being locked up today, you can only imagine the horror that negros, and natives had to endure in your era. lol be kind to people with special needs. dont make me laugh. you aint going to say it, so i;ll say it. they call special ed kids short busers, and the ridicule never ends. its that way in the states, and in all western countries. you said that comunism has killed more people than any other system. well im telling you right now that capitalism has killed 100 times more. almost every single civil war in africa has a capitalist hand in it. american education system did a great job closing up peoples minds. just read what some of the shils on here are spewing and thats all the proof you really need. i never said i was chinese though, you just assume that i am. i wouldnt be copying you if i changed words around, especially if the end product comunicates an opposite message to what youre trying to spew.i dont think youve shown any creativity either, because you sound just like every other shil on youtube, facebook, and google. many people 1 brain. thats what makes shils so easy to spot. you all sound the same, and naturally you would because you receive the same training..

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