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Share Happy Chinese Language Day!
2017-4-20 18:28
Happy Chinese Language Day!
As a foreigner who can speak Chinese language , I would like to say " happy language day" . April 20 , is the United Nations Chinese language day.
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Share My Chinese Dream As a Foreigner
2017-4-19 14:56
I have been asked repeatedly by Chinese friends why moving to china and what made me settle down here. My answer is always, I myself don't know how and why. After graduating from high school, I was sent to china as a full scholarship student to attend my undergraduate studies. Because I believed that for every human there is not but one home. I have never thought about spending the rest of my life in china or envisioned that I will set up a family and settle down. As they say that everyt ...
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Share A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!
2017-4-18 09:31
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!
Some photos are inspirational and motivational; some are heart-breaking and distressing. I can see both in this image. No desk, no comfortable chair, no conditioning system. Sitting on side of the road and selling what he can to provide for himself and probably for his poor family. Meanwhile, he is working on his homework to fulfill his dreams. Determined, brilliant, ambitious and strong will. Kinds living in poverty need aid not preaching. When I saw this picture, I suddenly re ...
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Share Do We Need a Third World War to Maintain World peace?
2017-4-17 13:54
A friend here commented on my previous blog“china and America should walk hand-in-hand into peace” HailChina! 2017-4-13 11:58 WW2 could not be solved by diplomacy. I think that the world needed to have WW2 for a new world order to be established which made a long period of peace and stability possible. This period of peace and stability has now come to an end so the world needs a new final war to make the establishment of a new ...
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Share The Dark Side of Hollywood
2017-4-17 09:23
The Dark Side of Hollywood
Most of Hollywood movies are either about nuclear weapons, picturing Russia as a force for bad in the world and a threat for human kind, or about terrorism. Some movies don’t have any meaningful message, others with hidden political agendas. Yesterday, I watched the movie fast and furious 8. It is a violent movie without any reasonable message. The total cost of the damage in the movie could feed millions of the people that are dying out of hunger every day in the dessert of Afric ...
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Share Most meaniful Poem
2017-4-15 16:38
Most meaniful Poem
recently I have been reading poems of the muslim poet . a persian sunni muslim poet who influnced transendents national borders and ethenic divisions, Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rumi. I like the feeling I find between the lines of his poetry. It gives me a deep connection to my inner self. Today , I feel the need of sharing some of his beatiful poems with friends on chinadaily. 1. Only Breath Not Christian or Jew or Muslim, not Hindu Buddhist, sufi, or zen. Not any r ...
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Share Is Terrorism a Threat or a Political Commodity?
2017-4-14 12:59
Crimes are always committed by different means of killing, either directly or indirectly. Mass killing is despicable no matter what means and reasons are used to justify the conduct. Killing people in the name of god, in the name of human rights and in the name of maintaining a democratic state all have the same title, terror. The term terror or terrorism has been there for hundreds of years, but when terror is mentioned today, the first thing comes into our minds is Islamic terrorism d ...
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Share The United Airlines Misconduct
2017-4-13 20:51
The United Airlines Misconduct
The footage that has been captured by one of the passengers showing an old man being dragged off overbooked united flight with his face covered in blood led to a disturbing scene and outcry. The video has been shared and watched millions of times just hours after being posted on the popular social media, facebook. Honestly, my stomach dropped when I saw three police officers trying to get him off the aircraft and one of them forcibly grabbed him out of his seat with the sound of him scre ...
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Share China and America Should Walk Hand-in-Hand into Peace
2017-4-13 10:32
Cooperation is the only way ahead not only for china-US relations but also very essential for world peace. These two superpowers should work together on maintaining and ensuring world peace militarily and economically. It is time to put their selfish interests aside and do what they can to cooperate with each other and save the world a disastrous war. Tensions rising in the Korean peninsula like nothing before. US warships approached the Korean peninsula; Donald Trump's order to s ...
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Share Highly Recommended Books
2017-4-12 09:26
Highly Recommended Books
I would like to share with people on chinadaily some valuable books that I have come across. Well, I am a history buff. It is a universal truth that those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. I once was challenging a Chinese friend about the ancient Chinese history; I still remember her telling me that learning history is just for bragging because it can't get you a good job nowadays. I realized that she was half right; it is true that reading about history will not bri ...
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