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Share Google AI Defeats Human Go Champion!
2017-5-25 22:39
Google AI Defeats Human Go Champion!
Artificial intelligence keeps defeating human, it is making countless victories against human in different fields of life and trying to push human to the corner. Google's DeepMind has defeated the world's number one player Ke Jie. Human brain somehow has been replaced by a machine and scientists are working very hard on developing a human brain by implanting a chip and connecting it to the thick neuron that connects the two hemisphere of the brain. Well, who doesn’t want to get his brai ...
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Share Wearing Split Pants!
2017-5-25 09:28
I was surprised when I first time saw kids in public in china wearing open-crotch trousers and their lovely butts. I wondered if children could speak and shout out loud : DADDY, MOMMY, PLEASE COVER MY PRIVATE PARTS! I felt that their private parts are not private anymore since they are exposed to everyone and everything. Later I started asking questions about this bad phenomenon and the answers I got were all about conveniences. Is it all about giving children the convenience of using ...
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Share Factors That Affect Happiness!
2017-5-24 09:08
Me: to work and to love. only these two things add meaning to your life and brig happiness. Money and possessions are not the onlt means that lead to happiness, they are not the end. The increase in the GDP will not necessarily make the GDH-gross domestic happiness higher. Many surveys showed that countries with lower GDP enjoy a higher GDH compare to those who have a higher GDP but still more dssatisfied with their current life. Highly productive people seem dissatisfied while less produc ...
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Share Is Money Everything To You ?
2017-5-22 22:52
Is money the most important thing in your life ? How money and possessions vital in your life ? Can you be poor and happy ? Are you richer now than than before but less happy and blissful? What makes a delightful life in your opinions? According to countless surveys: your healthy bank account and the number of your fans can't bring you happiness and satisfaction.between 1950 and 2000 american GDP grew from 2 trillion dollars to 12 trillion dollars. real per capita income doubled. the new ...
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Share Thank You China!
2017-5-22 09:30
As a foreigner who has been living in China for over ten years I owe a lot of things to China. Thank you China for giving me a full scholarship that allowed me to peruse my higher education. Thank you China for teaching me Chinese. Thank you China for giving me the opportunity to meet with my life partner. Thank you China for giving me the chance to broaden my horizons. Thank you China for allowing me to make best friends in my life. Thank you ...
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Share Human's Hope for Eternal Youth !
2017-5-21 07:13
Defeating death has always been the dream of human being. Well, most people want eternity while some people think immortality is a horrible thing, especially those who are not leading a happy life and don't want the miserable life to continue and bring them more suffering. The hope of eternal youth doesn’t seem far-fetched in the foreseeable future. Human has deciphered much mastery regarding life and death, modern medicine invaded the cells in the human body and the neurons trying to ...
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Share Trump's Visit To ISIS !!!
2017-5-19 11:11
Firstlet me give you a brief introduction of Saudi Arabia: SaudiArabia is the biggest women's prison in the world; women are not even allowed to drive a car while China has already become the third nation in the world to send a woman "Liu Yang" into the space in 2012. The country has also spread a toxic theology such as Salafism that has injected radicalism and inspired extremist groups such as ISIS, the Muslim brotherhood and al Qaeda. The country has also a miserable h ...
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Share Home Is Where Your Heart Is
2017-5-17 09:22
Home Is Where Your Heart Is
Family does not necessarily consist of biological parents, brothers and sisters. Family is a sense of belonging, and sometimes, life throws a friend who becomes more than a true parent, brother or sister. Family is a strong sense of belonging; family is a heart that is destined to exist with your heart. A heart that is created to be seen with your heart. Hearts that complete each other. - Without me , you can't live ...
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Share Which Is More Important GDP Or GDH?
2017-5-16 13:24
Humans have been looking for the means of happiness for thousands of years; philosophers and scientist haven’t stopped examining life and deciphering the hidden codes that might lead to a unified theory of happiness and a blissful life. Thinkers, authors and human experts have written countless books trying to reveal the secrets of joy and gladness. Throughout history, prophets and ordinary people defined happiness rather than life itself as the supreme good and that living to glorify ...
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Share Mother's Day !!
2017-5-12 08:05
Mother's Day !!
Mother's day is coming soon . However, I believe that Mother's day has to be celebrated everyday throughout the year, 366 days a year. I would like to wish all mother's around the world a happy mother's day , especially those who receive no gifts, no kisses, no flowers and not even know this day at all . Those who only know love and protection. Those who love unconditionally........
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  • Is Money Everything To You ? 2017-5-26 10:59

    Money is not everything to us, but it is really important. In my opinion, health it the most important part, I believe people could live happily without too much money, but it is impossible to do that without health.

  • Google AI Defeats Human Go Champion! 2017-5-26 08:31

    arabchinalover: That's right . I am reading about emotional intelligence these days , very interesting thing....
    Well I do not know what this - "..." is supposed to mean but yes emotional intelligence is very important and very valuable. You need emotional intelligence to have conversational intelligence which can help build better relationships including business relationships. You can't just force your way with humans in many situations.

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