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Trump's Visit To ISIS !!!

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First let me give you a brief introduction of Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia is the biggest women's prison in the world; women are not even allowed
to drive a car while China has already become the third nation in the world to
send a woman "Liu Yang" into the space in 2012. The country has also
spread a toxic theology such as Salafism that has injected radicalism and
inspired extremist groups such as ISIS, the Muslim brotherhood and al Qaeda. The
country has also a miserable human rights record that the engineers of human
rights like the United States believe in. In Saudi Arabia, you are not free to
practice other faiths other than Islam or build any other place of prayer. Saudi
Arabia has been the biggest crude oil producer for decades and the milk cow of
the United States.

Now, take a glimpse of what's really going on: 

Trumpwill pay a visit tomorrow to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 2017/5/20. And he
will deliver a speech and the topic is "need to confront radical ideology".
It sounds a very good idea to confront a declare the war against fundamentalism
from the custodian of Islam's "two holy mosques" but I am very
pessimistic about it, because actions speak louder than words. Donald Trump is
not concern at all about what so-called human rights, he doesn't care whether
women have the right to drive a car or people of other faiths can practice their
rituals freely. He doesn’t even care about radical ideology since terrorism is
a political trick and can benefit from it and use it as a tool to achieve political

American foreign policy has always been thinking about the "milk cow" only. Human rights, freedom of religious belief and democracy are just
tools that lead to selfish interests. It seems to me that the Saudi oil can work
miracles and force countries to take sides with the wealthiest against the
poorest. If we take a look at the biggest terrorist attack has been conducted
on the American soil, 9/11, it showed clearly the identities of those attackers
and their nationalities.
Fifteen of the nineteen hijackers were Saudis and the rest are from the United Arab
Emirates, Egypt and Lebanon. ironically, the president of the united states
Donald Trump singed two executive orders claiming that banning people of
certain countries is to protect the American people from foreign terrorists
entering into the united states, and none of these four countries is included.
I tend to believe that terrorism is a dirty game in the hands of politicians
and it is used as a political commodity. 

Yet, Saudi Arabia has been bombing Yemen for almost two years and the United States is providing them with means of destruction and human rights can't even be found in the dictionary of this conflict. The USA along with the Saudi-led coalition brought nothing
but more social unrest. SAUDIS AND AMERICANS dont care about the welfare of any
other nation but their own interest only. Brutal, barbaric, despicable is the
aggression on the civilians who are the only targets for those air assaults. the former president is wandering around all the time and they did no harm to him. Now every single Yemeni expects to be the next victim, together with his family. It is genocide in the true sense of the word.Saudi Arabia is trying hard to fuel a sectarian conflict between the Yemeni Shiites and Sunnis to show that this is the case and to disguise the true diabolical scheme in Yemen.
At the same time, the jet fighters are killing people in towns and villages in their homes, and in weddings, and destroying schools, collages, institutes, factories, bridges, roads, dams, historical cities, electricity stations, water sources, airports, seaports, food stores, markets, grain silos, etc. all overYemen. Hospitals, targeted too, are sending distress calls that they can't handle the huge numbers of the dead bodies that started to decompose due to the lack of diesel; and the injured people are dying because the medical supplies have run out. Patients with critical health conditions such as diabetes, liver and kidney diseases are dying, too, due to shortage of necessary medicines and equipment. Hospitals that care for children and women are either closed down or are operating under great fear from those air strikes that spare no person or
place. Children began to develop diabetes and other psychological problems as a result of the terror from those strikes and huge explosions.

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Reply Report HailChina! 2017-5-23 09:20
Yeah! Great post mate. And don't forget that Israel is the best friend of the Saudi. China, Russia and Iran should smash these despicable scumbags.

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  • Is China The Land Of Copycats ? 2017-6-27 22:18

    Damn right.

  • Poverty Is more Dangerous Than Nuclear Weapons ! 2017-6-27 10:53

    Poverty and Famine Relief in the Developing World

    Water wells were traditionally used in the UK as a source of water since Neolithic times, and there was one near my home as a child. Most of the time water pumped from subterranean aquifers is already safe to drink as its naturally filtered and purified. More than 80% of all diseases in developing countries are related to dirty water and poor sanitation. To dig a water well costs very little,'Water Aid', by way of example, charges £292 to dig a water well in a developing country, so an area in famine that makes the headlines can be easily and cheaply helped by the digging of enough water wells for all.

    I have been interested in digging water wells in Developing Nations for decades as part of a world wide poverty and famine relief method. As Anne Isabella Ritchie once said:"... if you give a man a fish he is hungry again in an hour; if you teach him to catch a fish you do him a good turn."

    'Water Wells For Africa' says that each water well dug produces enough water for 2,000 people , it also quadruples food production, brings the Birth Rate down to Western Levels within three months (known as the Buxton Gap), and the green circles around the water wells can be seen from space. Women, who do the work of getting most of the water, are saved from a laborious and dangerous job. I am sure many reading this will remember the true story of a woman committing suicide after breaking her only water pot while doing this job on behalf of her family. A water well was dug by a Charity in the area where she had lived when the story became public knowledge.

    My great grandfather had several water wells dug in the Middle East as part of a failed project to provide food, and peace in the the region. He failed because his water wells were dry. I since found that there are 41 geological reasons why water does not necessarily run into the water wells, and found that they were all cured with a time bomb placed in the newly dug well, this breaks up hardened soil, and allows water to flow. This was subsequently done to my great-grandfather's wells, and they produced water (and hopefully some peace) in the region. In a similar way, I had dug water wells in every Palestinian Refugee Camp in the area of Israel. Just as planned, the Israelis filled them in. At the time the United Nations fined countries, and politicians, £2,000 for every break of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the fines paid were enough to dig water wells in Israel's neighbours, the rapid increase in food production was enough to end the First Interfada, and peace was restored. (The Israeli politicians then restricted the movement and sale of the increased amount of food, which caused the Second Interfada! I campaign for politicians to have IQs of over 150, and now you know why.)

    Gro Harlem Brundtland, Director-General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) says:

    Long before the advent of modern medical care, industrialized countries decreased their levels of water-related disease through good water management. Yet, even in these countries, outbreaks of water-borne disease continue to occur, sometimes with lethal consequences. In developing countries, preventable water-related disease blights the lives of the poor. Diseases resulting from bad hygiene rank among the leading causes of ill-health.

    Much of this suffering is needless. Health provides an effective gateway for development and poverty alleviation. Improving water management is a powerful tool that can be used by individuals, communities and households to protect their own health.

    3.4 million people, mostly children, die annually from water-related diseases. Most of these illnesses and deaths can be prevented through simple, inexpensive measures. For instance, trachoma remains the leading cause of preventable blindness, accounting for 146 million acute cases around the world. But the disease is almost unheard of in places where basic water supply, sanitation and hygiene prevail.

    Safe water supply and adequate sanitation to protect health are among the basic human rights. Ensuring their availability would contribute immeasurably to health and productivity for development. "Business as usual" is no longer an option. We don't have enough time to just wait for large infrastructure investments to provide these basic services to all who need them. Several simple interventions are available, such as improving the quality of water in the home as well as improving hygiene education at the household level. Poor people can take charge of their own destinies and improve their lives by applying some of these measures. But they need to know what works and how such interventions can be exploited.

    For more information on water wells please see: Wikipedia

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