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My china story: part one

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September 07, 2009 was the first time I stepped foot in shanghai, after a twenty-four hour trip from Beijing. I got out of the train, weary, exhausted and already have the feeling of homesickness. Dragging my heavy suitcase, half of it was packed with cookies because my mother believed that Chinese people almost eat all kind of creatures and drink frog juice. I do not know where she got that from, maybe she once saw a gloomy picture about china depicted and painted by media, but I was quiet clear about her worries about my safety and survival especially food. A young lad dragging a suitcase that is even heavier than his weight in mid-day of a burning hot summer, the hot sunshine slapping me in the face and I was not able to determine directions. I felt helpless after being ignored by passersby every time I tried to stop one of them and ask about my destination, others shrugged showing that they do not understand English.

Finally, I found a middle-aged man that could speak English, who took the initiative to ask me about where I wanted to go, I showed him the address, he stared at me with open eyes and said:


-   This place is very far

-          How far?

-          It is far, but I can find you a taxi

-          Ok , that’s great

-          It will cost 60RMB

I forgot to tell him that I would pay according to the taximeter, I don’t know why, maybe because I was exhausted and tired, so I accepted. I knew later that he is working for the taxi drivers finding them passengers and he gets a commission. After some time I knew that the journey would have cost about 30 RMB. He helped me with my suitcase and talked to the taxi driver to take me to the intended place after I paid him the fare.


The inconsiderate driver dropped me at the main gate instead of driving me to the school dorm, and yes everyone who has been to a Chinese university knows the distance between the gate and the dormitory. He pointed at the gate showing me my destination; I got off, opened the trunk and pulled out the heavy suitcase. Again, I did not know where to go, a well-build safety guard was standing by the entrance, I went over and asked him about the dorm in English, he was not able to speak English but he knows where these new comers heading , so he gave me half smile and a map of the school campus in Chinese !


Helplessly, I hold the map in one hand and pulling the suitcase by the other, wandering around the campus, trying to navigate my way to the dorm. Fortunately, I met a foreigner on a motorbike, it seemed like the salvation moment has arrived. He asked me to go to the dorm first and pointed north; I nodded my head and thanked him. I went north but all my navigation attempts ended in complete failure. The motorcyclist found me again still looking for the dorm and decided to take me to the dorm himself, he was a senior student and he turned out to be my country mate, what a great relief!!

He finally helped me with every procedure and asked me to get some rest. I settled in and slept for twelve hours. Since then, I have not seen him for a week. Every morning, I get up, take out two of the cookies my mother made for me, go to buy a carton of milk and sit on the bench eating and looking at the people passing by.    

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Reply Report Robertson666 2017-4-20 20:38
that's a fun story~~

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