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life is ever changing and you really can not plan too soon... you can never catch up its pace. so just enjoy the moment you have now.
2016-7-25 22:41:16 Reply
you deserve the beauty, love yourself!
2016-5-16 10:56:57 Reply
i must keep pace of the fleeting time and improve myself as much as possile.
2016-4-15 21:37:33 Reply
new term begins! let's make everyday fullfilled! read more books and learn more!
  • SEARU: You sound like student! (4-4 20:42)
  • ysyaileen: i really want to be a student again (4-13 18:07)
2016-2-25 16:05:14 Reply
i am really looking forward to the winter holiday, i have a lot of plans to carry out, can't wait to start! good luck 2016!
  • Ashikujaman: Have a nice winter vacation and spring festival 2017 (1-25 01:00)
2016-1-7 14:34:09 Reply
the year is drawing to an time flies~~
2015-12-23 10:56:43 Reply
i hope i can have a great summer holiday!
  • Ashikujaman: 2017.. Happy Spring festival also winter vacation (1-22 23:53)
2015-6-20 22:25:30 Reply
try to make full use if your time and make a lilttle achievement every day
2015-5-7 15:10:02 Reply
when the result is out, it make me relaxed at the same time, i will have a new start this month. come on, dear aileen, you can make it!
2015-3-30 23:12:06 Reply
every month there are 2 answers, yes or no..i don't care actually, be it a yes or not, i have been used to it and i can face it!
2015-3-28 21:43:32 Reply
just see the bright side of the day.. you can never lose hope. everything goes well!
2015-3-15 16:34:35 Reply
so busy these days, i really need a break...
2015-3-14 17:07:30 Reply
remember to burn your fat!!
2015-2-19 17:14:01 Reply
time to do the workout! don't be lazy especialy in this rich holiday.. too much food and wine... too much fat to burn~~
2015-2-16 16:34:36 Reply
sometimes i am an alarmist and feel a lttle afraid of being taken away the happiness i have now.
2015-2-11 13:12:12 Reply
sorry for the japanese captives. i don't know about diplomacy, i just know they are two real life.
2015-2-1 22:28:44 Reply
everyone can be lucky in his own way. you are lucky today. be happy!
  • snowipine: Good lucky is the result of carefully nurture. (2-9 21:21)
2015-1-29 07:26:33 Reply
life is not easy but i am lucky to have you by myside!
2015-1-24 18:00:38 Reply
failure is no big deal what matter most is what to do after you fail!
  • snowipine: All the triumphs have same similarities, but failures are different from each other and usually they are hard to express, since people like to hear good news. (2-9 21:28)
2015-1-20 22:21:21 Reply
you are what you think!
2014-12-31 13:40:21 Reply
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  • Unconditional love 2017-2-14 14:42

    Love is the same for all humankind. It is shown differently in all cultures.

  • The woman in the neighborhood 2017-2-14 14:41

    Most Chinese women do not know what love actually is until after they have had experienced that from other men. This is a serious problem in most places. Perhaps, women could organize some social exchanges to allow them to understand their real needs.

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