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China's new yuan loans shrink in February

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BEIJING — Chinese banks extended 1.17 trillion yuan ($169.2 billion) in new yuan loans in February, down from 2.03 trillion yuan a month ago, central bank data showed Thursday.

The increase was 439 billion yuan more than that of the same period last year, according to a People's Bank of China (PBOC) online statement.

By the end of last month, total outstanding yuan-denominated loans stood at 109.8 trillion yuan, up 13 percent from the previous year.

The M2, a broad measure of the money supply covering cash in circulation and all deposits, grew 11.1 percent from a year earlier to about 158.29 trillion yuan.

The M1, a narrow measure of the money supply that covers cash in circulation plus demand deposits, rose 21.4 percent year on year to 47.65 trillion yuan.

M0, the amount of cash in circulation, stood at 7.17 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 3.3 percent.

According to the government work report delivered at the annual parliamentary session, China will pursue a prudent and neutral monetary policy in 2017, with the M2 money supply to grow by around 12 percent, one percentage point lower than the 2016 target.

PBOC data also showed yuan-denominated deposits rose 2.31 trillion yuan in February, an increase of 1.46 trillion yuan from a year earlier. Outstanding deposits in both yuan and non-yuan currencies rose 11.7 percent year on year to 159.56 trillion yuan.

Last month, yuan-denominated cross-border trade settlement reached 286 billion yuan. Direct investment settled in yuan stood at 53.7 billion yuan, the central bank said.

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      You people that promote the so-called 'sharing economy' are criminal capitalists that have no regard for laws and regulations and the entire point of the so-called 'shared economy' is create a class of underclass slaves that are forced to take a 'gig' so they do not starve to death. The 'sharing economy' may work in places like China that have little workers protections and no history of workers decent workers protections but in western nations for criminal capitalist 'shared economy' nonsense will lead to a socialist rebellion.

      Give me a definition of the 'shared economy'. I bet you cant. Is it a business that breaks national laws to gain market share and then bribes politicians to put in place favourable laws? We are all bamboozled by your new technology which is an app are we? can we tax an app? How do we deal with this new technology?... I am so bamboozled.. And you so-called 'shared economy' 'start ups' are just facilitators right? Tax the contractors right? Sue the contractors right? You have no responsibility do you? All you need to worry about are the profits right? You dont have to pay contractors min wage do you?

      You are going to change the way we live our lives arent you matey? You are going to make society more agile and nimble arent you?

      You are a joke. Go back to Silicon Valley you loser.

    • Shanghai FTZ to open financial sectors wider to foreign capital 2017-3-21 05:59

      China is making great headway in attracting foreign investment, especially in high-tech and asset brokerage, it is a strategy of the Communist Party's central committee for China to become a developed country.

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