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Report MichaelM 2018-9-15 13:08
Swifty55: Finish your new book yet?
Not yet.
Report Swifty55 2018-9-10 21:14
No more students to assist now that I am totally retired. Kind of dull
Report Swifty55 2018-6-26 13:01
Wish I knew how to reach more people
Report shehemego 2018-6-14 15:23
Swifty55: Have a wonderful day
Yessss. Have a nice day! To you and to me.
Report Swifty55 2018-6-10 16:11
Michael thanks for pointing out my mis-types.I never took typing. Boys were not allowed to take typing when I went to school. Only could take shop classes.
Report Swifty55 2018-6-10 13:28
M&M is a old friend of mine, call him M&M because he always has a M&M's with him,plus he never has anything good to say. Would never mention the person, by the it was a lady here who sent me a private message. When anyone says negative things to m e I just say M&M to them.They have no clue, so I do not offend them,sort of. LOL
Report MichaelM 2018-6-9 07:55
Hello friend. You're doing a great job. Your first point about Chinese English teachers 'not teaching in English', is so spot on. It is an ongoing problem in China. Your experience and wisdom that you share are both immensely beneficial to me. Thank you.
Report Swifty55 2018-1-18 10:32
Tried to send a letter  to the Minster of Education at
Can not get through to him.Anyone know best way to get a letter to him?Let me know please
Report Swifty55 2017-8-17 16:34
Read my blogs if interested in learning about the real USA.
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  • Direct Energy 2019-1-6 02:07

    Sorry but you are wrong my friend.

  • Direct Energy 2019-1-4 14:12

    Nano-thermite took down the WTC buildings you spastic.

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