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If anyone ever needs a dentist in China. Do not go to Mr.Dentist"..They managed to make my teeth worse and would not fix the problem.Cost me 3,000 RMB and I had to go to another dentist to get it fixe ...
  • Ashikujaman: It is very expensive. (4-16 14:48)
  • Swifty55: For China it is but in USA would be 4 times as much. (4-16 14:54)
2017-8-8 04:26:35 Reply
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  • 9/11 Government Inside job 2018-10-20 21:44

    Find on utube " JFK to 9/11; Everything is a rich man's trick." Lots of proof on this independent film.Decide after you see this.

  • 9/11 Government Inside job 2018-10-19 18:50

    jfk pops had ties to the mob. ClA probably merked jfk. anytime you got ex military guys involved, theres a conspiracy. however, due to the non transparency of the western media, we wont come any closer to the truth within our lifetimes

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