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Share Plastic and other garbage
2018-7-19 02:23
Plastic bags, bottles and other things made of plastic cause a major problem with pollution. The USA Navy and Merchant ships cause most of the polution in the oceans of the world. I have talked many times with a Retiired Admiral of the USA navy. He has told me that all USA navel ships call garbage call at midnight when at sea. They then drop all plastic bags of garbage off the ship every day. Plus they throw old oil, old scrap metals, old electric parts into the ocean every day. Merchat sh ...
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Share Trump world.
2018-7-12 20:41
Trump lives in his own very small world. Notice nothing his family needs to make their items for their businesses in China are on the list of higher tax. Chinese should boycott anything made in the USA. Raise pre-tax prices on everything Trump's family needs to make their products in China. Starbucks,Pizza Hut,Subway,Burger King and McDonalds companues all collect 10% or more from gross sales in China. Boycott everyone of them. Buick,Apple etc every USA brand should be boycotted. Billions ...
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Share Ivory Tower
2018-7-12 03:37
"Ivory Tower" is a film by CNN Films that shows you the good and bad things about University's and College's in the USA. If you as a parent are thinking about sending your child to a USA College. I would sit down ad watch this movie first then decide on your own. It has Chinese sub-tittle so you do not need English to understand. Can be found at in China: Think after you watch. Please
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Share Obesity in China
2018-7-6 16:20
Obesity in China is not a major problem like in the USA in almost every age group yet. Since 2006 when I first visited China I have seen more and more obese people. My first day in China I felt fat compared to living in the USA. I was considered thin by USA standards for I only was over weight by 10 KG's. I remember actually sitting on a bench counting how many fat people I had seen in about 2 hours of watching people, I counted 3 people I figured that would be considered obese. Every year since ...
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Share Love my walks in China.
2018-6-25 20:35
I love my daily walks everyday since I have been living in China. I have lived fulltime in China for 10 of my 16 years being in China. The 6 years I was not in China fulltime I spent 3 months a year here when school was out in the USA. From my very first walk I learned many things about Chinese people and their daily life. I have known enough Chinese since year 3, because I learned Chinese from my wife. I, she says " am about like a 6th grader in Chinese." My first 2 years I ne ...
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Share "TOEFL" or "S.A.T." ?
2018-6-16 14:38
With the USA university's now letting Chinese use the very easy"TOEFL" college entrance exam instead of the "SAT" or "ACT" students get a false sense that they are actually going to be better with a foreign college degree. Getting into a foreign University is easy being a foreigner, but what students are finding out after coming back to China ,after they get their degree is that Chinese Employers are taking Chinese University grads over them.. Why? There are many reasons here are ...
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Share Love can prevent a child's suicide
2018-6-8 18:35
Parents need to spend time every day talking to their child. If you set goals for your child that they can not meet in school you may cause problems with depression when they fail to meet your standards. With the college entrance exam in China many students fail to reach that magic score to get into a top university every year. Most students in China spend many years, many hours preparing for this exam. It is not possible for every student to reach the score their parents want them to reach ...
1505 views|10 comments Popularity 4
Share A star blogger here asked me. How do you ever "teach" anything?
2018-6-7 23:59
A famous foreign" blogger" here asked me in a message. How do you "teach" anything? Well first of all my job tittle was "teacher"and the word "teacher" is not correct. If you can really teach someone then everything you "teach" them by the meaning of the word "teach" they will learn. Since everyone knows this is not possible. I like to use the tittle, "I am your guide" for I can show you, explain to you, give you all the reasons "why" you should learn whatever it is the course objecti ...
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Share Life to me is "Greener" in China then my x-home USA
2018-6-5 13:59
In 2000 I started to study China and 12 other countries I was considering making my new home when I retire. I spent at least one month in each country. Experiencing the culture, the people, everyday life etc. I came to enjoy the people, culture, food, cost of living, respect for elders in China, love of family, love of friends, and finally the respect President Xi shows to the people of every level in China. From 2006 to 2008 I was a exchange professor to a University in China. This began ...
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Share How not to teach English or any language in school.
2018-6-1 14:26
I will list problems of why China has failed and will continue to fail teaching English. You decide what must be done in China and let the Minister of Education know your thoughts. 1. You did not learn Chinese being taught in English. Chinese teach English using Chinese and wonder why kids can not learn. Sad but true. You must be taught English in English. 2. You can not learn English from foreigners who have never learned to teach. 99% of foreign so called teachers have never taught a ...
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