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Share 9/11 Government Inside job
2018-10-16 12:57
The people of the USA 0ver 50% now beleive the real reason the 3 buildings collasped ,yes 3 not just the two 110 story ,but also WTC building 7 free fell 10 hours after the 2 WTC taller buildings free fell. Not collasped. The USA government report that took 4 years to complete said fire from the airplanes that flew into the 2 buildings caused the solid insulated steel beams to melt which caused the 2 taller building to collaspe. Now if fire causes a building to fall, it falls in sections, ...
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Share New University and college students.
2018-9-2 01:09
Welcome to a experience you can make the most of or not. If you come in like most students thinking you have made it because you got into college and think you have it made you will fail. Think again.What you learn in college will make you employable or not. In my 40 years in education in the USA and China I have seen many who thought they were smart but they failed. College just offers you a chance to think, grow, make friends and learn if you want to. If you just rely on your pro ...
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Share "Mistakes"
2018-8-31 23:40
People seem to worry about making "mistakes" afraid they will "lose face". Truth is you do not make "mistakes" Mistakes" make you the person you wish to be, stronger, wiser, and more determined. Do not fear "mistakes" they happen to everyone alive. Use them to become better, not become fearful of mistakes. If you fear mistakes you will never succeed. So when you do make a mistakes, just smile, forget what others might think. For truth be known we all learn more from our mistakes then ...
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Share Excellent Chinese Students
2018-8-17 20:11
I have lived in China on a family Visa since I retired from the USA as a teacher. I have had the same 10 Chinese students that I tutored since they were 1st year middle schoolers. They all could barely read,write,or speak English when we began. Yet they all scored a perfect score in English on the Chinese College exam this past term. They all were accepted to a major Univeristy in the USA but after I talked to their parents and the students they decided to attend Peking Univeristy sinc ...
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Share Chinese Elders
2018-7-26 06:47
Every day if there is no rain I go to the park after my morning walk in Beihai my Chinese home.I get to watch the elders play games, exercise, and listen to their stories of life when they were young. They have taught me much more then most foreigners ever learn when they visit, teach or move to China. I am an elder myself, but compared to my Chinese elder friends I am just a kid, In fact most when they see me say "morning kid". I like China more then I ever did my birth place the USA. I u ...
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Share Plastic and other garbage
2018-7-19 02:23
Plastic bags, bottles and other things made of plastic cause a major problem with pollution. The USA Navy and Merchant ships cause most of the polution in the oceans of the world. I have talked many times with a Retiired Admiral of the USA navy. He has told me that all USA navel ships call garbage call at midnight when at sea. They then drop all plastic bags of garbage off the ship every day. Plus they throw old oil, old scrap metals, old electric parts into the ocean every day. Merchat sh ...
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Share Trump world.
2018-7-12 20:41
Trump lives in his own very small world. Notice nothing his family needs to make their items for their businesses in China are on the list of higher tax. Chinese should boycott anything made in the USA. Raise pre-tax prices on everything Trump's family needs to make their products in China. Starbucks,Pizza Hut,Subway,Burger King and McDonalds companues all collect 10% or more from gross sales in China. Boycott everyone of them. Buick,Apple etc every USA brand should be boycotted. Billions ...
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Share Ivory Tower
2018-7-12 03:37
"Ivory Tower" is a film by CNN Films that shows you the good and bad things about University's and College's in the USA. If you as a parent are thinking about sending your child to a USA College. I would sit down ad watch this movie first then decide on your own. It has Chinese sub-tittle so you do not need English to understand. Can be found at in China: Think after you watch. Please
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Share Obesity in China
2018-7-6 16:20
Obesity in China is not a major problem like in the USA in almost every age group yet. Since 2006 when I first visited China I have seen more and more obese people. My first day in China I felt fat compared to living in the USA. I was considered thin by USA standards for I only was over weight by 10 KG's. I remember actually sitting on a bench counting how many fat people I had seen in about 2 hours of watching people, I counted 3 people I figured that would be considered obese. Every year since ...
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Share Love my walks in China.
2018-6-25 20:35
I love my daily walks everyday since I have been living in China. I have lived fulltime in China for 10 of my 16 years being in China. The 6 years I was not in China fulltime I spent 3 months a year here when school was out in the USA. From my very first walk I learned many things about Chinese people and their daily life. I have known enough Chinese since year 3, because I learned Chinese from my wife. I, she says " am about like a 6th grader in Chinese." My first 2 years I ne ...
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  • 9/11 Government Inside job 2018-10-20 21:44

    Find on utube " JFK to 9/11; Everything is a rich man's trick." Lots of proof on this independent film.Decide after you see this.

  • 9/11 Government Inside job 2018-10-19 18:50

    jfk pops had ties to the mob. ClA probably merked jfk. anytime you got ex military guys involved, theres a conspiracy. however, due to the non transparency of the western media, we wont come any closer to the truth within our lifetimes

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