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Obesity in China

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Obesity in China is not a major problem like in the USA in almost every age group yet.
Since 2006 when I first visited China I have seen more and more obese people. My first day in China I felt fat compared to living in the USA. I was considered thin by USA standards for I only was over weight by 10 KG's. I remember actually sitting on a bench counting how many fat people I had seen in about 2 hours of watching people, I counted 3 people I figured that would be considered obese. Every year since I sit on a bench at least once a week and see the number increase. Most of the obese Chinese I see are young between the ages of around 18-30. Some men over 40 and many ladies around 30-50 in age. I used to be considered obes by my Chinese friends ans family because I have about 4 inches of fat around my belly. I would always tell them it is funny to me in the USA my friends called me skinny and in China I was considered fat. Today my belly is bigger then I like but the rest of my body is thin and I do not feel big anymore for I see more Chinese men with bigger bellies. Is sad but true.

Even today the majority of Chinese are thin, not obese because most eat very healthy food. But the % of obese people has risen every year I have been in China. Some of the problems are caused by eatting at places like McDonals, KFC, Buger King, Pizza Hut, Subway and the snacks at Starbucks. The thing these places have in common is that not one of them serves fresh healthy food. I worked as a kid at a Burger King when they actually had fresh prepared food. Not forzen chemically additive garbage. I see 95% + kids and young Chinese eatting at these bad for your health places all over China.  Plus now you see more kids and young people buying potato chips, chocolate candy bars etc. Anyone who would put this junk into their body needs to be educated fast before it gets out of hand like in the USA.  Plus the prices at all these USA named places in China is way to high. Why eat garbage for unreal amounts of money when you can eat healthy fresh Chinese food foe a lot less money. 

Chinese parents need to teach the youth to be smart eaters and not give into them when they say " I want to eat at McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Burger King etc". Think now and change back to when all Chinese ate smartly. If not China will become the next USA where 62% of the population is considered OBESE. Since I was a worker at a fast food place at 16 I have never eaten at these places for I learned they served junk that was unhealthy. Mu belly came from eatting real ice cream whcih is very fatty. I am getting smaller around the belly week by week now, because I finally quit my bad ice cream habit. Hope you do the same as I do now. Eat healthy Chinese fresh foods. 

Excess sugar is not good for anyone. Please do not drink Coco Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, all are very bad for your heart and teeth. 

Be smart eat healthy , drink healthy, like I do now and live a healthy long life.

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Reply Report HailChina! 2018-7-9 20:42
If we can't be immortal then what's a few extra years anyway? And who cares if you are fat if you are old? Hot chicks? Few hot chicks are attracted to thin old men you know. You may as well be fat. So what is the point?
Reply Report Swifty55 2018-7-9 21:57
Reply Report SEARU 2018-7-10 20:44
To make your diet more colorful: meat, egg, milk and kinds of vegetables plus staple food;
Do more labor work or physical exercise on the play ground;
Control the amount of  food for your each meal if necessary!
Reply Report Swifty55 2018-7-10 20:55
Will do thanks

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