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"TOEFL" or "S.A.T." ?

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With the USA university's now letting Chinese use the very easy"TOEFL" college entrance exam instead of the "SAT" or "ACT" students get a false sense that they are actually going to be better with a foreign college degree.

Getting into a foreign University is easy being a foreigner, but what students are finding out after coming back to China ,after  they get their degree is that Chinese Employers are taking Chinese University grads over them..

Why? There are many reasons here are some.

1. "TOEFL" exam does not have the higher vocabulary which the USA tests do. So students have trouble understanding the vocabulary in the lecture classes.
2. Chinese students do not immerse with natural English speaking students much socially. They live socially with other Chinese students and you hear them using Chinese outside of class almost 100%.
3. Top Chinese University's prepare students for Chinese employment. Top University's in the USA and other foreign companies prepare students for employment in their own country.
4. Chinese at least most of them pick a major that will not prepare them to work in the fields that China needs  when attending foreign schools.

I have helped over 200 Chinese students prepare for the "SAT" exam and they all got accepted into a top 25 University in the country they wanted to attend school.

Still they have a hard time getting a job they want when they come back to China after they finish with their degree.

I can only speak for the USA really since I get the real stats as a retired USA university professor that the general public can not get. Stats from the USA government are not the true honest stats I get each year.

Foreign students attending college in the USA. 84% pass with a grade average of only 60% to 79%.
Only 12 % of foreign students drop out of fail out of USA colleges each year.
52 % of USA citizens fail out or drop out of college in the USA each year.
Less then 5 % of Chinese students get accepted at a USA university rated in the Top 200.
Average cost for just classes in China college is between 20K to 30K a year in RMB.
Average cost for just classes in a top 100 college in the USA is 350K per semester and up in RMB. This does not include the higher cost charged for not being a USA citizen. Which can double for foreign students Plus room and board not included in cost of classes.

The reason foreign students pass USA university classes at a higher rate then  the USA students is because professors are told, as I was to" pass all foreign students." Why? USA University's make more money off foreign students.

Of the 39 students I have helped get into foreign university's that have finished and now have a degree. Only 7 found work in their field of study when they returned home to China.
Making a OK salary. The rest did not. Why? I keep in touch with all my students I have helped and the ones who failed to get a job in their field,said " they could not answer the questions asked them in their interviews." Even though they majored in field required for the job. 

 The seven who did get a job in their field of study. Two were  from "Oxford University". Three from "M.I.T.", one from "Harvard" and one from "Stanford University".

The biggest problem with so many students in the USA not doing well in college is they do not know how to study. Plus they lack self motivation. Need a much larger English vocabulary
then what the "TOEFL" requires compared to the "S.A.T." or the A.C.T.

The foreign students main problem is that they find out what they thought was proficient English in China, was no where close to what they needed to really succeed in a English speaking country.

I think you should make sure if you want to attend a college in a foreign country and can  afford the high cost. You should go, but make sure you learn how to study, are self motivated, pass the "S.A.T." , use English 100% in and out of class. Remember Mom and Dad will not be there to make sure you do your work.

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