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A star blogger here asked me. How do you ever "teach" anything?

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A famous foreign" blogger" here asked me in a message. How do you "teach" anything? 

Well first of all my job tittle was "teacher"and the word "teacher" is not correct. If you can really teach someone then everything you "teach" them by the meaning of the word "teach" they will learn. Since everyone knows this is not possible. I like to use the tittle, "I am your guide" for I can show you, explain to you, give you all the reasons "why" you should learn whatever it is the course objectives wish you to learn. Then it is up to the student to do what is needed to actually learn, not memorize. No one can teach they can only "guide" you.

Secondly, I write blogs in "conversation" form. I known it is not written perfect by any means. If he graded my blogs. Most likely I would fail.  I write as people think, so they can understand as in a conversation with a friend. Poor English at times? You bet. But everyone who reads my blogs understands my thoughts. Then agrees or disagrees. Which is exactly what a true "blogger" wants you to do. Think and decide on your own about the topic.

Thirdly, every student I have guided since 1974  that has followed my "guide" " How to learn" Did so and that is all I wanted.

In conclusion, if you the reader are here to judge, then you are not here "to learn" You are here to find fault. My blogs are written so anyone can follow and then make their own decision. I have only 27 friends listed on my page, average between 300-700 + readers of my blogs, so I must be doing something right. The one blogger here is the only one that cares more about writing instead of being a "guide"

I am sure I failed to "guide" M&M even now. But that is OK. Some people just wish to find fault and not ask, "Why"

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Reply Report SEARU 2018-7-10 21:08
Yes, your writing style is more oral that is easy to understand!

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