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  • What's on your mind...To all the studnets in China.Make sure you do your best in order to make your life better. Reply
  • If anyone ever needs a dentist in China. Do not go to Mr.Dentist"..They managed to make my teeth worse and would not fix the problem.Cost me 3,000 RMB and I had to go to another dentist to get it fixe ... Reply
  • What's on your mind...Miss all my beautiful students Reply
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Failures in America society,government 2019-03-21
Today in the USA Rap and Hip Hop and violent gangs have taken over the youth of the USA. Rappers mostly come from the inner city, they promote the use ...
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Direct Energy 2018-12-06
USA has Direct Energy Lassor Weapons. They are the weapons that took down the 2 WTC building. They turn steel and cement into dust. USA has these weap ...
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New World. 2018-11-22
New World Order. Wow sounds so good until you know what it really is all about.It is made up of a group of very rich families through-out the world. S ...
(852) readings|(3) comments
9/11 Government Inside job 2018-10-16
The people of the USA 0ver 50% now beleive the real reason the 3 buildings collasped ,yes 3 not just the two  110 story ,but also WTC building 7 ...
(1242) readings|(4) comments
New University and college students. 2018-09-02
Welcome to a experience you can make the most of or not. If you come in like most students thinking you have made it because you got into college and ...
(4696) readings|(3) comments
"Mistakes" 2018-08-31
People seem to worry about making "mistakes" afraid they will "lose face". Truth is you do not make "mistakes" Mistakes" make you the person you wi ...
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WBD60 5 DayEarlier
well, what the US demands is structural reforms in china's political and economic system. and it even requested to send supervision teams to china at municipal and county levels to monitor their fiscal policy, making sure no subsidization are made for state owned enterprises. how could china accept a deal like this ? in other words, the US is ready to take over china's economy. it seems the US will not be satisfied with a balanced trade , but is demanding much much more! the US is asking chin ... ...
WBD60 5 DayEarlier
the western elites and intellectuals and lefts are too ignorant to understand what kind of country china really is. china is a rogue nation with 1.4 billion brainwashed people , western style democracy can hardly work here because they do not really know what it is really about. Chinese are materialistic people who worship no God except their masters. a people who see God in their master scarcely seek heaven except through the favors of the Emperor. today's china reminds me of the  Rus ... ...
WBD60 5 DayEarlier
How could it be possible for the west to  preach to the third world countries democracy and freedom while at the same time has to rely on their cheap labor and credit  to keep its consumption driven economy running?
WBD60 2019-5-16 15:48:39
Chinese are very smart people who know how to get something out of nothing. china so far has been a free rider in the world trade system, poised to take over the world market with its slave labor and poorly made and illegally subsidized commodities. compared to Chinese leaders, western elites are a bunch of dopes who only care about their wealth. they are shortsighted and quite ignorant when dealing with the Chinese. the trade war has long been lost , it is a joke to begin with, the US can not i ... ...
WBD60 2019-5-15 20:50:52
the so called rise of china is perhaps the biggest fraud ever happened in the history of economics. china is a rogue nation. its economy is a government sponsored Ponzi scheme, no real purchasing power, it is export driven and financed by government investment in real estate. the biggest bubble ever. it is a joint venture between the elites in the west and their counterparts in china. and the good news is the bubble has been busted. now, they try to ask average people from both sides to suffer t ... ...
WBD60 2019-5-15 11:50:28
china has 65 million useless eaters , the corrupt and incompetent government officials of all levels , they are supported by those who work like dogs in the sweatshops. is it the time to abolish this modern slavery? the lefts and some intellectuals in the west think the Chinese do not deserve democracy and constitutional politics because they are born inferior, well, they are wrong. democracy will work in china just as it has worked in the US and other places.
WBD60 2019-5-15 11:12:23
the problem is china does not buy much of american goods because Chinese people do not have the purchasing power. the money is in the hand of government , in addition, china manipulates its currency to gain competitive advantage in trade. american companies set up factories in china to take advantage of this modern slavery. in the long run, there would be a problem.
so it is a joint venture between the elites from both sides. now the good news is that the joint venture has gone bankrupt.
WBD60 2019-5-15 10:45:32
on per capita basis china is and will remain a dirt poor country for many years to come. there is no need to defeat china you can not defeat a failed country. it is time to set thing straight. china needs to close down those sweatshops and cut down its bureaucracy , getting rid of those useless eaters who have so far contributed nothing to the society. Americans need to wake up , protect their jobs. say no to made in china, the big companies and silicon valley and wall street have to do what the ... ...
WBD60 2019-5-15 10:43:35
Swifty55: The real reason behind the trade difference iss that the USA does not have much manufacturing on their own soli because of costs, Plus all companies i ...
china practices slavery in order to finance its corrupt regime, tariffs are no good solution ,but what else can Trump do?
WBD60 2019-5-14 01:37:31
in other words , china is either going to play by the rule, or not to play at all. china can not take advantage of the international trade system while at the same time ignoring and violating the rules attached to it. the US can not afford to continue financing a government that is fundamentally hostile to the very values the Americans hold dearly. if china wants to continue practicing its state-run and lawless capitalism in order to keep a gigantic bureaucracy going, it is fine. it has to find ... ...
WBD60 2019-5-13 10:28:29
china is in a pretty bad shape as far as its economic situation is concerned. 60% of the college graduates can not find jobs. in fact many of them live off their parents. china is a land filled with fraud. the most disgraceful place on earth.
MichaelM 2018-9-15 13:08:05
Swifty55: Finish your new book yet?
Not yet.
Swifty55 2018-9-10 21:14:06
No more students to assist now that I am totally retired. Kind of dull
Swifty55 2018-6-26 13:01:48
Wish I knew how to reach more people
shehemego 2018-6-14 15:23:33
Swifty55: Have a wonderful day
Yessss. Have a nice day! To you and to me.
Swifty55 2018-6-10 16:11:06
Michael thanks for pointing out my mis-types.I never took typing. Boys were not allowed to take typing when I went to school. Only could take shop classes.
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