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Are there someone playing  the phone game "Onmyoji"?(阴阳师)My only entertainment now~
2017-12-5 22:12:42 Reply
What??Where is my blog written yesterday $_$Disappear
2017-11-21 11:07:26 Reply
Long time no see...Oh,I should have remembered those happy time.I'm back! I'm
2017-11-19 23:04:32 Reply
Happy new year 2017!Good luck!
  • Ashikujaman: Happy New year. Best Wishes. (1-24 20:07)
2017-1-1 00:35:39 Reply
Merry Christmas!The moon outside is so bright!
2015-12-25 20:29:21 Reply
Oh why I can't insert the pictures in my blog?Puzzled.
2015-12-12 18:11:03 Reply
Admire the sky cozily with serenity.My initial&final status,and also my name.
2015-12-4 08:08:55 Reply
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