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Share Be professional from the part time
2016-2-16 00:36
The first day when I come to college,I had the ambition that to do part-time jobs and pay my all living fees during study.I don't know how the future 3 years will be,but I really have reached the goal in my former two years. Hope the whole 5 years later, I can use the word 'achieve'. I don't have the interest in bussiness nor invention(If I had the IQ).Medicine students have class the whole day,so just evenings weekends and vacation left.That' the time I do jobs like ...
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Share Spring Festival part 2,the first day of the lunar new year
2016-2-15 22:09
Spring Festival part 2,the first day of the lunar new year
The first day of lunar New Year is also the beginning of visiting relatives and friends or inviting others home the next few days.All of us wear new clothes and say "Happy new year"or something auspicious when we meet acquaintances.Smiles appear on faces and families walk along the streets with gifts. Grandparents's(on mother side)new house,2016.2.8.Ha ha,like a little cottage~ This year we go to grandparents' home (on mother's side)in countrys ...
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Share Spring Festival part 1,New Year's Eve
2016-2-15 20:45
Spring Festival part 1,New Year's Eve
Spring Festival has been regarded as New Year according to lunar calendar in China since ancient which has been one of the most important events by thousands of years.Nowadays,different customs to celebrate the Spring Festival still vary from blocks to areas.I am so excited after reading interesting stories about Spring Festival in blogs and amazed at such broad and profound Chinese cultures. As to my home town,to be honest,there's nothing more special but still can be described ...
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Share You came here alone,we'll alone with you
2016-1-15 17:44
You came here alone,we'll alone with you
I have prepared the final exams until 2 P.M.that day and then came to the eatery to hanve lunch. I noticed that someone was looking at me.I smiled to him and nodded as greeting."nihao!"he said in Chinese."You can sit here."changed in English.That's the begining between Jeesun and me. Since there're overseas students in our university,I have been in great enthusiasm to talking with them.But words get in the way that I'm not sure wheth ...
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Share Take blood pressure,take heart future
2015-12-21 00:05
Take blood pressure,take heart future
Except volunteering in medical group,we also do community services with class for unit.Community is a particular area that has members belonging groups composed of relatively independent social life community and we should attach importance to health care in this grassroot organization. On the side of the road with tables,chairs and sphygmomano--yes we take residents' blood pressure for free.It really attracts people especially the middle-aged and the old so w ...
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Share Days as a Medical Guide Volunteer(part 1)
2015-11-29 23:05
Days as a Medical Guide Volunteer(part 1)
There is a commonweal organization of public medical service in our college called Sunshine Medical Group,which includes Medical Guide Team,Unpaid Blood Donation Team,First Aid Team and Traditional Chinese Medicine Team.I have been a member of the Medical Guide Team.(By the way,I'm a sophomore and major in clinic medicine.) Every two weeks,we guide for patients as volunteers in Central Hospital at different floors.Before that,we're given formal training and test and only the passers can ...
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Share The opening
2015-11-29 21:34
Hello everyone I'm a new member~I should open an English blog,,oh that's so excited.A lot thing I'm not familiar with and just p oint out my mistakes and weaknesses as they heppen, please. Though nowadays the society is fliied with social network site and some people would like to share everything everyday in Internet space,I hardly ever upload the daily pictures or my portrait and just write down one or some general sentences about mood and living.Maybe I'm a litt ...
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