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You came here alone,we'll alone with you

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       I have prepared the final exams until 2 P.M.that day and then came to the eatery to hanve lunch.I noticed that someone was looking at me.I smiled to him and nodded as greeting."nihao!"he said in Chinese."You can sit here."changed in English.That's the begining between Jeesun and me.
       Since there're overseas students in our university,I have been in great enthusiasm to talking with them.But words get in the way that I'm not sure whether it may be the bother and also lack of self-confident in oral English.
       "This is my first time to have lunch with a foreigner,what a honor! "I was in an excite tongue.He told me he was from Bangladesh,mojoring in engineering,and would study here for 4 years.I only know Bangladesh is a country beside India.Now I should talk with one of his residents ,that's amazing.
       "Do you know which language singing in the song?"He pointed his mobile phone.
       "It's Indian and I can speak 6 languages."
        We accepted each other's friend requests in Wechat.From then on,we leaved messages and talking just like the common.Words beyond describtion that I have been studying English for over 10 years,and until know I can use it correctly---not for tests,not for the whim,just for communication.I talked with Jeesun without the focus too much on words spelling like before,but put more attention on how to express my thinking in a short tongue.Jeesun is a good boy.He joined in army as a pilot and studying hard both in Chinese and the major.For Bengaleses,most of them are ISLAM and they don't eat pork.The majority put the prophet name like Muhammed before their own names.The form is prophet+real name+religion+(nick name).
       "Jessy,I actually feel so alone.All of friends are busy and I always miss my family.I have to meet them 4 years later."
       "People smile on face but hate in side their mind."
        That's the moment I felt dreariness.The world has it's dark face, whether you are in which country ,whether you are human or animals.Darkness is everywhere,but so does light;
       "Common phenomenon.But you are filled with dreams and abilites.Friends are around."
       "I'm really afraid,,,"
       "That's why so many people are still stuggling.You have grown up."
        We both have grown up, so don't be hoodwinked by the dark.
        Maybe he was drowned in the homesick so I changed the topic to something interesting.We told our bithdays to each other.
       "Oh,my god.My little sister was born in 2 days later than you.What a coincidence!"
       "Ha ha,so you see you have the elder brother and the little sister.But my parents only gave birth to me."
        Everyone is alone,and not.Country,language,religin,sex,age,or even species are not the real problems.The point is whether you want yo campany with the other.That's really something.
        We'll take Jeesun outside to enjoy native sighteeing.Except movies in his laptop,there are so many snacks and specials around the campus.


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Reply Report HenLaoLaoShi 2016-1-18 19:04
An interesting story, thank you for sharing.
Reply Report SailorCometYSJ 2016-1-26 21:13
HenLaoLaoShi: An interesting story, thank you for sharing.
Thank you for reading and the flower

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