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Take blood pressure,take heart future

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    Except volunteering in medical group,we also do community services with class for unit.Community is a particular area that has members belonging groups composed of relatively independent social life community and we should attach importance to health care in this grassroot organization.
    On the side of the road with tables,chairs and sphygmomano--yes we take residents' blood pressure for free.It really attracts people especially the middle-aged and the old so we are surrounded in a while.The normal  blood pressure is 90mmHg<SBP(systolic blood pressure)<140mmHg,60mmHg<DBP(diastalic blood pressure)<90mmHg and we call 140/90 or greater hypertensim(high blood pressure).Due to personal physical fitness,the value weil be a slight difference.I have been curious about the sphygmomano since I was a child.It's amazing now I can take other's blood pressure skillfully.
   "Your bp value is normal.Keep it."
   "Oh,really?But I have hypertension."
   "Do you take medicine regularly according to the instruction?"
   "Of course.I never lower my guard."
   "That's the point.The blood pressure is under control by your light diet and proper exercise.Be relieved."
     We can't jump to conclusion that one has hypertension by one or more measure.Nor do we have the qualification or the capability.Take stairs,anxious mood even walking may affect the value.To speak and act cautiously is one of the principles.
    Here is a short story happened during the community volunteering. The protagonist is a middle-aged woman.One of my classmates took her blood pressure.
    "Wow,the SBP is over 150mmHg!Do you see it Jessy?How come…"
    We can also see the value by mercury column floating in the sphygmomano and I nodded.
    "Well,what's the value?Is it high?"
    "In fact your SBP is 164mmHg……"
    "It is about the value several times.Doctor had told me I had had hypertension."
    "I'm sorry to hear that but do you take medicine…"
    "Doesn't matter.I soak the foor every day and the blood pressure value will decrease soon."
    "She doesn't take doctor's advice at all!Intractable!"Her neighbours said.
    "So what?The pressure is down,down after my foot soaking.Doctors exaggerated that to scare me so that I would buy midicine.I know the trick."
     All of us were embrassed.Someone took her aside to chat something else.I was absorbed in thinking.Rome is not build in one day and so as patients'trust to medical workers.Folk prescription may be effective and can be a auxiliary in a way but medicine is based on a long term clinic pracice,which is irreplaceable.I still believe that the total goal in every medical worker's heart is wold healthy. we are just medical students,and we just have a little superficial understanding about the major.But we all hope is that by these weekily actions,to bulid a bridge of doctor-patient harmony.

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Thanks for sharing your story here, we have highlighted it in our blog homepage.
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Very impressive.
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