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Share Celebrating Spring Festival is so much fun
2016-2-12 22:57
Celebrating Spring Festival  is so much fun
Spring Festival is the most important festival in China. On this special day, many Chinese will go back home to get together, no matter how far it is away from their hometown ,no matter how crowded in the train. As the time goes by , although the way that we celebrate the Spring Festival changed day by day ,the real mean still exists, that is getting together. This year ,without so much homework ,I help my parents do something to celebrate the Spring Fe ...
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Share About Lamps
2016-2-11 18:59
About Lamps
About lamps One of my favorite writers Echo said, ”Dusk is the most beautiful moment during the day. Hope every homeless soul can get shelter under the lamps.” I fell in love with the lamps because of the words. .Maybe the use of lamp is just lighting, but in my opinion, sometimes it represents a feeling of warmth and hope. Later it is the journey of looking for lamps and taking photos for them. I will thank for my friend Maomao and ...
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Share Cold day ,warm heart
2016-1-31 21:43
Cold day ,warm heart
Cold day, warm heart Today I hung out with my devoted friend HL. We did some shopping and had dinner together. She shouldered a backpack and picked up some clothes that she bought. So I asked if she need help to carry the backpack, but she said it was heavy and there was my secret inside, and if I would like, I can help her to pick up those clothes. I said ok, but I was curious about her secret. After buying some snacks from the su ...
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Share New Year New start
2016-1-3 14:59
New Year , New Start I was struggling with my study in high school at the same last year. The schedule is so tight and homework is so much that I have no time to record what I was thinking at that time. But I think it should be nervous and worried about the future,my university. And now, I have free time to record the feeling at present. I think two parts of feeling make up of my feeling now. The first maybe the feeling of recalling .Last year I ended up with the study ...
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Share An adventure, through time.
2015-12-27 18:05
An adventure, through time.
The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. I think traveling is the most enjoyable thing in the world. Going to different places, meeting different people, doing different things is my favorite parts on traveling. As is quoted by Dufu, a very famous people in Tang Dynasty, ”Reading thousands of books is equal to walking thousands of miles. ”So last Saturday, I shouldered my rucksack and set off along the road to Beijing. I went to National Art Gallery firs ...
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Share Another happiness
2015-12-15 09:03
Another happiness
One of the happiest things during my first year in university is that I made a foreign friend. Our meeting is kind of fate. It’s very dramatic. At the beginning of my college life, our school association held a job fair. I was looking for a friend when I met her, a very beautiful foreign girl. So I encouraged myself to take photos with her. But I was so nervous. She is a foreigner! Despite my favorite subject is English, I never talk with foreigner. Finally, I step forward ...
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Share To accompany is the deepest confession of love.
2015-12-7 17:26
After the Double Ninth Festival, a voluntary team from Hebei University visited Jinqiu geracomium in Baoding in November in Baoding. Although we took a taxi to get there, it is still a long time we need to walk. During the walking time, we don’t feel bored because we chatted with each other and sang songs .So we arrived after a few minutes. We were given the warm reception by the president of the geracomium. And then we were guided to look around the yard, wher ...
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