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Celebrating Spring Festival is so much fun

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Spring Festival is the most important festival in China. On this special day, many Chinese will go back home to get together, no matter how far it is away from their hometown ,no matter how crowded in the train. As the time goes by , although the way that we celebrate the Spring Festival  changed day by day ,the real mean still exists, that is getting together.


This year ,without so much homework ,I help my parents do something to celebrate the Spring Festival. First of all, we bought a pair of lanterns and a string of colorful lights ,which add much auspicious atmosphere .

And then, we bought a big red Chinese knot. Red is the most popular color during the Spring Festival because red represents happiness, auspiciousness and some best wishes. Chinese knot is a good celebration on this special day.


And also it is a new year, so I  should make a new wish. Well, there is a tradition in my hometown that we will send Kongming lanterns into the shy and at the same time we can make a wish for new year. So we sent two lanterns into the shy. When I sent the lantern and saw it fly further and further, I was so happy .I did it. That feeling was very good. And also I made wishes. But I can’t share with you because the tradition if the wish were told out, it wouldn’t come true.



On the morning of New Year Eve, I was woken up by the sound of firecrackers. And then I dressed my new clothes, which means everything is new in the coming year. And they I helped my parents do some cleaning, which means we would sweep some bad luck. And then we put up  spring couplets on our door. Usually spring couplets will have a good wish for the coming year, like being healthy, abundance in life and so on. In the evening ,we had a big dinner to get together and then we watched the spring festival gala. But some seniors like play cards or mahjong instead.



On Lunar New Year’s Day, we ate dumplings. In my hometown, we’d like to put a coin in the dumplings randomly. If someone eats the dumpling which a coin inside, he or she will be the happiest people, and will have a lot of best wish. So, we eat not just the dumpling, but the luck.

Spring Festival is a chance for relatives to get together and  a  rest for busy people and an entainment for kids.This year I participate to get ready for the spring festival, I understood another means of Spring Festival.Happy New Year !

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Reply Report Victoriasun 2016-2-17 22:28
Igo: Very pretty, very soothing.
thank you!I hope you can celebrate it next year in China

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