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About Lamps

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About lamps

One of my favorite writers Echo said, ”Dusk is the most beautiful moment  during the day. Hope every homeless soul can get shelter under the lamps.” I fell in love with the lamps because of the words. .Maybe the use of lamp is just lighting, but in my opinion, sometimes it represents a feeling of warmth and hope.

Later it is the journey of  looking for lamps and taking  photos for them. I will thank for my friend Maomao and  my friend Zhao who take pictures of lamp from Tianjing .Thank you all! I am very appreciated about it .Now, let me share some stories about lamps with you .

(1)  The beautiful of color

I took those pictures in my hometown. As the Spring Festival  is approaching, there are many colorful lights in the tree, the building, everywhere, which add much happy and auspicious atmosphere .When I first stepped into this square, I felt I were the leading actress because there is like a beautiful and dreamlike scene. The night is black. The light is warm. And you are nice.

(2)  The real mean of accompanying

These lamps are in my university. They are also the lamps that I first decided to take. I almost see them everyday ,just like old friends.They may neither be beautiful nor special and even common, but it is a part of my memory of college life.

(3)  A little moved about lamps.

     Knowing I fell in love with lamps, my friends took the pictures about lamps for me from other provinces. When I received those photos,I was a little moved. It is just my little hobby but they keep it in heart deeply. That is real  friendship.

(4)  Warm lighting

The two pictures are very beautiful which I saw them from the Internet. Maybe we will feel cold when we see the white and snowy winter ,but if you notice the yellow street lamps, would you feel warm? I was wondering if the vagabond seen the lamps, would he miss home ?

That is story about lamps. For me, lamps are not just lamps, but the stories behind them.


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