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Cold day ,warm heart

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Cold day, warm heart

   Today I hung out with my devoted friend HL. We did some shopping and had dinner together. She shouldered a backpack and picked up some clothes that she bought. So I asked if she need help to carry the backpack, but she said it was heavy and there was my secret inside, and if I would like, I can help her to pick up those clothes. I said ok, but I was curious about her secret.

    After buying some snacks from the supermarket, I said goodbye to her. But she said “wait, I have something for you.”Suddenly she took a bottle of vinegar from her backpack like a magician. I was surprised and moved.

We are classmates in high school and she was admitted into a university in Shanxi Province. Shanxi Province is famous for vinegar and I am a fan of vinegar. Whenever I have dinner I will add some vinegar for flavor. So last summer vacation when we had lunch together I just said to her you can take some authentic vinegar for me from Shanxi Province. I was kidding to her, but she remembered this thing in her heart. Half years past,she let my kidding into the reality.

    I was really moved because Shanxi Province is far away from our hometown. And she need to spend eight hours in the train. What’s worse ,it was the peak time for passenger transport because of the Spring Festival, so it was very crowded.

As the old Chinese saying goes, Presenting goose feather from the distance, the receiver receive your heart not just the thing.

    Today it is so cold that you may catch a colf if you stay outside .But my heart is very warm because of her heart. She lit my day that it should have been cold without her.

    I will keep today deeply in my heart.

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