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Another happiness

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One of the happiest things during my first year in university is that I made a foreign friend. Our meeting is kind of fate. It’s very dramatic.

At the beginning of my college life, our school association held a job fair. I was looking for a friend when I met her, a very beautiful foreign girl. So I encouraged myself to take photos with her. But I was so nervous. She is a foreigner! Despite my favorite subject is English, I never talk with foreigner.

Finally, I step forward to her, and ask her :”Could ,could you take me a photo?” “Oh, god. How can I make such mistakes. It’s should be ‘Could you take me a photo with me ?” However, she is very friendly and sweet. I am shorter a little than her. So she knelt down a little so that we look the same height. I was so nervous that I forgot to ask her name and cell phone number. How silly I am!

However, the next day, a dramatic scene happened. When I came back from library, I encounter her again. After the greeting, she asked if I want her cell phone number.Of course!” I thought it in my heart.

In later days, we chatted in Wechat, have lunch sometimes, do some shopping and so on. It was so much fun because American culture and Chinese culture are very different. I like the feeling of trying something new.

On the Thanks Giving Day, I knew she had no plans at noon. As far as I know, Thanks giving dinner is a gathering of family members and friends. I don’t let her feel lonely. So I gave her Thanks giving cards and treated her to lunch, hot pot. It is very cold outside and there is no turkey in Baoding. So hot pot is a good choice. And she is very moved and appreciated it.

During the dinner, she told me about some customs of Thanks Giving Day. Before we had our hot pot, we should think about some things or people to give thanks for. She thanks for the job as a foreign teacher in China and thank for friends in China, especially me.

She said that I made it a day that could have been sad without being home, but she was happy. I was very happy not because I enjoyed the dinner,but she was happy on this special day. Her feeling happy makes me happy.

I think it was another happiness, true happiness.

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