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I am on the way to becoming a teacher. Fighting :)
  • Swifty55: You will make a good teacher (3-21 05:11)
  • sharoncuizz: Thank you . :) (3-21 12:44)
  • Swifty55: Welcome my friend. Best wishes on your future. (3-22 13:34)
  • sharoncuizz: I will work hard. Thank you very much :) (3-23 12:44)
  • Swifty55: Correct frame of mind is half the battle. Good for you. (3-24 09:13)
  • Igo: Great! Good for you. But as a kind reminder, "fighting" just means fighting, if you wanna say "jia you" (加油), then it's "Go!" or "Go and smash it!" (“加油!加油干!”) ... (5-26 11:13)
2018-3-20 12:57:09 Reply
New era, new journey
2018-3-8 12:43:59 Reply
Happy Chinese New Year! :) Gong Xi Fa Cai!
2018-2-24 12:11:32 Reply
I was away from here for quite a long time and finally I'm back. :)
2018-1-3 12:52:02 Reply
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