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Share Success is an Iceberg
2018-5-24 13:11
Success is an Iceberg
I found this picture on the Internet by chance and I like it. Here I'm sharing it with you. It is always this case that we see the success on the surface, but have no idea how much we have to do to gain it.
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Share My First Class
2018-4-22 09:26
Yesterday, I had the first English class in my lifetime. At first, I was so nervous and worried that I might screw it up, but it turned out to be OK. The nervousness was gone in a few minutes after I started the class. What’s important was that the students were all very active to respond to me. So I would like to thank them a lot. After finishing the review of the words, expressions and grammar points they learned in the last class, I divided them into two groups and asked them ...
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2018-4-15 11:14
“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”. This year is surely going to be a milestone in my life, because I have been planning to make a substantial change of the type of my work. I have to admit that it’s a big challenge for me. To start a brand now type of work, it calls for the great courage to say goodbye to the previous career and the frame of mind to start a new one. Early this year, I was facing a little fear, the fear of not having the courage ...
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Share To Live or to Survive
2018-2-25 12:18
To Live or to Survive
I spent half a day reading the famous book “To Live” which is one of the master works of Chinese writer Yu Hua. The movie shot based on this book is a classic movie in China reflecting life philosophy and social changes. Reading the book is like watching a movie. It seems that we have witnessed the experiences of the protagonist and the transformations of Chinese society with our own eyes. The first scene of an old man driving an old ox caught my attention. The man named Fu Gui ...
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Share The Way to Success
2018-1-17 13:00
I remember when I was in college, “The Way to Success” was once the writing topic in one examination. Now I would like to pick it up again and share my experiences and opinions with all of you. A lot of people are wondering why others can gain success, like Jack Ma, entrepreneur of Alibaba, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, etc. Some of them are millionaires when they are very young. Most of us can do nothing but admire them and name them biggest winners. In intervi ...
Personal category: Reflections on Life|973 views|4 comments Popularity 3
2016-2-24 20:53
Everyone has his or her own views on the word “inequity”. Few of us can find proper solutions to deal with it. Nearly half a million children die of hunger or various diseases in Africa. How can we find practical ways to help those poor children? We have to admit that what Bill Gates has said is true: It is full of complexity. However, we have to and we should cutting through the complexity in order to find solutions to the problem. Some help might have been give ...
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Share Fragility
2016-2-23 19:43
Different people have different understandings about “fragility”. This word has different meanings literarily and connotively. Here I would like to talk about this word on the mental level, which means “quality of being easily damaged or destroyed” in emotions or spirits. Someone might have had this quality of fragility since he was born. Although he might be strong or fit in his figure, he is easily hurt in feelings and emotions. This fact can be changed to some ...
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Share A Special Spring Festival
2016-2-15 22:23
A Special Spring Festival
This Spring Festival is very special for me, because it’s the first time for me to spend it with my husband’s family. We are from different cities and own some different customs when celebrating the Spring Festival. Some of their customs are new to me and they seem very interesting. Similarly, there was a hearty lunch in the last day of the Year of Ram (7-Feb). Of course, there was fish which symbolizes prosperity in the year ahead. Meat was essential such as ...
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2016-2-15 21:22
This morning on the way to my workplace, I was stopped by an old woman. I was told that she and her husband had not eaten anything for the whole day and she asked me to give her some money to buy a bowl of noodles. I felt very sorry for their starvation and I thought I should show my sympathy to them. So I did not hesitate to take my purse out of my handbag and was to give them all the money I had in it. However, I only had about ten yuan. It was just at the moment when I extended my h ...
Personal category: Experience|1127 views|0 comments
2016-2-15 20:52
Late last night I saw a movie named Postman in the Mountain . Maybe you will find this name familiar to you. It is the rifacimento of a book with the same name written by Teng Rujun, a traditional Chinese novelist. It is a very popular book and this movie is also a big hit to all Chinese people. It tells the story of an old postman, his son and his dog “Lao Er” which mean his second son. The old postman wants his own son to take over his job as a postman. Howeve ...
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