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My First Class

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Yesterday, I had the first English class in my lifetime. At first, I was so nervous and worried that I might screw it up, but it turned out to be OK. The nervousness was gone in a few minutes after I started the class. What’s important was that the students were all very active to respond to me. So I would like to thank them a lot.


After finishing the review of the words, expressions and grammar points they learned in the last class, I divided them into two groups and asked them to name their groups by themselves. One was named Mackdaddy by the girls and the other was named Dark. C by the boys. Then I would give them one point after they gave the right answer to the exercise or they guessed the right meaning of any new word. I told them the group which got the higher points by the end of class could have the right to ask for a song from the other group. Thanks to this contest, they were all very active to answer my questions.


Through this experience, I have realized that it’s not easy to keep the class space, because some energetic students might have questions questing our explanation or they might whisper to others when we have to take time to monitor the discipline. Besides, it’s challenging for us to plan for different activities or tasks in order to motivate the students and interact with them. I will have to learn all these from other experienced teachers. Anyway, there is still a long way to go....

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Reply Report sharoncuizz 2018-5-13 15:01
Swifty55: Looks like you are going to be a great teacher realizing you learned something from teaching English for the first time.Keep up the good work young la ...
Thanks a lot for the comments and i will do my best :)

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