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Different people have different understandings about “fragility”. This word has different meanings literarily and connotively. Here I would like to talk about this word on the mental level, which means “quality of being easily damaged or destroyed” in emotions or spirits.


Someone might have had this quality of fragility since he was born. Although he might be strong or fit in his figure, he is easily hurt in feelings and emotions. This fact can be changed to some extent and this actually changes his characteristics or even his personalities. However, the making of changes is no easy thing. It is just like the saying goes, “A leopard can not change it's spots” or “Jiang shan yi gai, ben xing nan yi” in Chinese.


On the contrary, a person who is born to be strong-minded might become fragile in his life. This often happens when a disaster falls on him. His strong mind is so destroyed that it can never be re-gained any more. The frustration or even hopeless has brought to him the fragility of mind and will. A friend of mine has gone through this change. He used to be an out-going boy with strong will and mind and is very popular at school. Since he broke up with his girlfriend, he has become a totally different person who is contrary to the one he used to be. Later, he told me that he had the so-called “neurasthenia”, which means “nervous weakness”. He seldom fall asleep fast and always go to bed very late. At first, he could help thinking about all issues and problems and stayed up very late into the night. Then he went to the doctor and began to do other things to keep himself busy so as not to think about the girlfriend thing. He has become very fragile in mind and emotions and is very easy to get upset. To be honest, it is very hard for me to understand this sharp change. But the only thing I can do is show sympathy to him and encourage him to let go of all those unhappiness. I hope he can get himself out of that darkness and shade as soon as possible and get rid of the fragility to re-gain his strong mind and will.


Life is hard sometimes and it needs much courage to live on ignoring all the hardships. The reality is cruel sometimes and it requires many tears to forget all the sadness and unhappiness. These are true for every one of us. Knowing all these facts, we should cheer up despite the various setbacks and tortuous ways to success. We should look ahead and go forward without turning back however hard life is or is going to be. I strongly believe that we will succeed despite the fragility in ourselves. 

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