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What are good habits?

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Every one of us has his or her own habits. One research conducted by behavioral science finds that “Within one’s all behaviors in a whole day, only 5% belong to non-habitual while the rest 95% are all habitual. Even though there is some innovation, it will eventually become habitual innovation.” Thus it serves to show the profound influences of one’s habits.


Habits can shape one’s characters whence characters decide one’s fate. Researches show that it usually takes a person 21 days to form a certain habit. Wherein they can be further divided into two stages. The first stage refers to the first 0-7 days after one starts a certain thing and is willing to make it a habit. In this first stage, that habit one intends to cultivate seems to be deliberate and unnatural. One has to often remind himself to do it intentionally, which also makes himself unnatural and uncomfortable. In the second stage i.e. 7-21 days, one may feel more natural and comfortable. However, he has to pay much attention to his behavior. Or else, he may return back where he was. That’s why he has to keep reminding himself of the behavior. As it goes on till 21-90 days, which we may name the third stage or “Habitual stability” stage, we dare say that he has formed that habit that may become an organic component in his lifetime. As long as one goes into this stage, the habit will be very natural and stable and will definitely serve your life everafter.


We can see from the above that it’s not that hard to cultivate a certain habit. However, most of us are wondering what good habits really are and what ba habits exactly refer to. Do we actually possess the so-called good habits? What on earth are good habits for? What are the disadvantages of bad habits?


In my opinion, good habits may be defined as the habits that are optimistic, positive and good for our health physically and mentally. I can say we all want to have good habits. Nevertheless, some good habits are not easy to be cultivated or kept on. They are like keeping a diary. It is not easy at all for us to write our diary today, but it’s hard to write it everyday. The following are 34 good habits in our daily life and working life recommended by some “Influential Exercises”. May be you can find some really good.

1)   Never say “Impossible”

2)   First reaction to everything: solutions, but not excuses

3)   Say to yourself loudly when facing setbacks: It’s awesome!

4)   Never be negative or low; Keep positive

5)   Set goals for everything; Name it your “Dream”

6)   Plan for everything; Visualize your goals

7)   Tell apart priority and emergency; Every minute deserves efficiency

8)   Do odds and ends with fragmentary time

9)   Be punctual

10) Take it down (Do not count too much on your memory, because old messages may easily be covered by new ones, leading to “Obliviousness”)

11) Keep record of your inspiration

12) Take down important values and methods; remind yourself of them at any time

13) Walk at a 30% faster speed (Use your tiptoe to push your forward without any sloth/ sluggish or weariness)

14) Look at yourself in the mirror and smile to yourself, saying: You are the best!

15) Reflect yourself per day

16) Do exercise every day e.g. Jogging for 15 minutes, Going for a 30-minute walk, doing push-ups etc.

17) Listen to your own heartbeats for one minute (when doing important decisions, being upset or nervous)

18) Sit in the very front row at a meeting

19) Smile

20) Listen to others heartedly without interruption

21) Talk loudly (making your voices appealing and magnetic)

22) Be sympathetic; Think of others before you talk

23) Applause for others more than three times a day intentionally and sincerely

24) Send thanks letters in time even though on a notewidget

25) Never talk to others with a tongue-lashing or critical way

26) Control your first reaction of self-defending

27) Do one others’ business each day

28) Make a tiny little progress every day in whatever way

29) Start work 15 minutes ahead; Be off 30 minutes late

30) Deposit regularly

31) Clear up your work 5 minutes before leaving the office e.g. neatening your desk files, censoring your working efficiency in the whole day

32) Be frugal in your material life (台塑大王, Wang Yongqing, has a famous motto: “To save one dollar is far easier than to make one dollar”. The butterfly effect of a frugal habit is that “Fortune can be accumulated.”)

33) Often use your “Brainstorm”

34) Be honest and do whatever you say


If you try to cultivate several of the above good habits in each one stage and stick to them. I strongly believe that in two years’ time, you will find the great changes in yourself, which can lead you all the way to the paradise of success in the coming future.


Good habits are of great necessity on our way to success. They are like a beacon at night directing your way and they have great power to drive you through different kinds of setbacks. In the end, you will find yourself accustomed to succeeding and gaining a wonderful and colorful life.

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Thanks for your good writing!

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