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How much you love me

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Yesterday was Valentine's Day, I want to soy something to my lover,my grandma.
In the past two years, my grandmother had been sent to hospital for three times. Couple days ago, she was hospitalized again for the sequela of stroke, which left her partly paralysed, and this time, her memory deteriorated sharply, so her mind wandered free through time. Some days she told me it was time to eat dinner and she had prepared dumplings for us though it was morning. Some days she told me she was to leave to our hometown tonight. 
My parents were too busy when I was born. My grandmother brought me up, gave all the things I wanted and taught me how to be a good person. She is the only one person who doesn’t or never care my grades. What she wants me to have just happiness and a healthy body. She always says, ‘’STAYING IN GOOD HEALTH SHOULD ALWAYS RANK THE FIRST IN YOUR LIFE. HAPPINESS RANKS THE SECOND. GRADES ARE THE LEST IMPORTANT THING.”
Every child who was brought up by grandparents was an angel. In my life, my grandmother always taught me how to be a kind person rather than an excellent or very outstanding person. She always serves as a good example for me. What she had taught me was something that textbooks can’t.
When I was a middle school or high school student, with life ahead of her, I had been her future and resented it. Instinctively, I wanted to break free, and cease being a creature defined by her time. I didn’t follow anything she told me and tried to act differently from what I used to be. I went outside with my friends and didn’t came back home until 11 o’clock at night. What’s worse, I even didn’t answer her phone. But no matter how late I was back home, she always waited for me in the living room until I came back home. I remembered that once my friend with I planned to go to seaside to enjoy the sunrise, so we had to get up very early at about 4:30 in the morning. I had made a plot to flee from home which won’t annoy my grandmother. However, when I was going to go outside, my grandma woke up. She didn’t allow me to go outside because it was still dark outside. She afraid something dangerous would happen on me. I made an argument with my grandma because my friend was waiting for me. I couldn’t wait to go out, so I didn’t listen to her and opened the door directly. I walked very fast to get rid of my grandma, but something amazing was that my grandma ran after me. It was 4:30 in the early morning, it was dark. I can’t see the cars in the street clearly. My grandma, an old woman, followed my steps until I met my friend. With time passing by, every time I recalled this morning, I was so ashamed of what I had done. 
In 2013, I became a senior three student, but grandma had a stroke this year. It was a change for her, a very capable women, she had lost balance when she walked. She can’t walk as fast as before or even can’t walk a short distance. Once I had a severe cold so I had to ask a day-off from my school. When I was back, she asked what happened to me and I told her I was not feeling myself. On that day, she stumbled in my bedroom again and again. Every time she staggered in and out, I could feel her anxiety. I told her I was OK, please don’t worry about me. She just told me to have a good rest and she was boiling traditional Chinese medicine for me.
In 2014, I was enrolled by a university in Hunan province—far away from home. Every time I left home and was back to school, grandma’s eyes are always filled with tears. So do I, to be honest. I even don’t have courage to comfort her just to tell her,” I will back soon!”
My head teacher in high school had told us that the relationship between our parents and us is “fading away”. So how about grandparents? As I growing up, grandma’s health has declined. When we became adults who don’t have to be take care of, then there must be someone needs to be looked after by us. In the past, I always want to go outside to play with my friends, but I gradually realized that time that I can company with my grandma was so limited. Now I am more prefer to stay at home, talk with my grandma and know more about her life.
Grandma, I do know how much you love me. 

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