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The Smog

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Today, a photo was posted virally. In the photo, a tourist wearing a mask in front of Tian'anmen Gate tower in Beijing. China daily has reported that Beijing was enveloped in eye-watering, throat-irritating smog as the second red alert of the month went into effect in the Chinese capital on Saturday, forcing many cars off the roads and restricting factory production. Beijing authorities have advised residents to avoid outdoor activity and for schools to stop classes.
The same weather appeared in Shanghai several days ago. Skyscrapers are cloaked in heavily polluted air on Dec 15. The air quality index in the city topped 300, indicating severe pollution hazardous to health.
The red alert is the highest of a four-level alert system, it also triggers restrictions on vehicle use, factories and construction work.
Recently the problem of protecting the environment has been brought into focus. As a matter of fact, recent years has witnessed a severe air-pollution triggered by automobile gas emission and industrial exhaust, which will definitely be harmful to individual survival and personal development. With the rapid development of economy, the surroundings of us become severe. People are forced to wear the mask to avoid breathing poisonous air. So it is necessary to find out the reason why leads to that.

Smog is air pollution that is mixed up with dust, smoke and other dry particles, and it obscure the clarity of the sky and interacts with the nature environment. We call this PATICULATE MATTER 2.5, which refers to particles with diameter less than 2.5 pm and can easily penetrate the membrane of lung cell.  At this moment in time, no pollution has received more abuse than PM2.5. These tiny particles are doomed to cause serious damage to our health. With time going by, there’s no denying that our pollution around us is on a rapid rise in the past years. This kind of air pollutant comes from a variety of natural and man-made sources. Natural sources include windblown dust, and soot from wildfires. Man-made sources include motor vehicles, and industrial fuel burning, and manufacturing factories. One of the main causes is the scores of manufacturing factories. Many factories which were over discharged produced the smog that had over the standard. Then the smog seriously influenced the air finally become air pollution. 
Up to now, the smog has occurred many times, which has done great harm to our daily life. For one thing, it has influenced our transportation. Many traffic accidents have happened. Quite a lot of flights have to be put off. Many people have to stay at home for fear of the poisonous air caused by the smog. For another, the components that make up haze may have negative effect on people's health especially that of the children and the elderly. What’s worse, every common people will be involved. Those who have certain diseases such as chronic bronchitis, asthma, allergy, and pneumonia and lung disease are under potential threat and unprecedented hurt. Besides, workers who are working in the open air have a high risk in their health.
So how can we restrict the emission and reduce the PM2.5 index?
Attitudes towards this issue vary from person to person. To start with, the local government should take more steps, such as closing the factories which produced too much industrial exhaust. Government should spare no effort to deal with this issue. Legal enforcement should be carried out to restrict the over discharge from some companies. Then, if there are still some factories violate the laws, local government should have the power to give them financial punishments. Another suggestion, in my opinion, the number of cars should be limited. We should call on the people to use more public transport. When we are going outside we can walk to the destination if it is a short distance. Or we can take a bus or subway to reduce the tail gas by the gas. Last but not least, one of effective solutions to help eliminate haze is to make some chemistry changes during the manufacturing process, so it could reduce harmful emissions which are produced by manufacturing factories. Regulations and restrictions ought to be integrated with instruction of improving technology and constitution of economy. Only with much advanced technology and rational construction of economy can we solve the pollution problems in the essence. At the same time, it’s necessary for us to plant more trees, grasses, flowers or other green plants to enhance our environment.
It’s almost apparent that we are going to live with and fight against PM2.5 in the predictable future .We surely have a long way to go , so let’s maintain our confidence ,fortitude and perseverance. And we will conquer PM2.5 in the end.

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