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We are helping them to write their stories

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Last Christmas, on December.25th,, 2015, my team members and I were doing a meaningful act—we helped those with mentally challenged people to sell their handicrafts. Then we would donate the money back for them to support the daily operation of organization which they received helps from.
I would like to show you some pictures of their handicrafts.
As you can see, all of the handicrafts are exquisite. Finally, we earned a total number about 807yuan and what we did had been praised by Changsha Hope Project.
As a matter of fact, it is not easy for them to make such handicrafts. I remember a detail. Once our team member went to the organization to visit them and I told them my name word by word. When I ask them “Can you get it?” They answered in unison “YES!” But several minutes later, a man asked me again, “Teacher, can you tell me your name?” On that day, I taught them how to use English to greet people or how to pronounce some easy English words such as apple, pear, go, run and so on again and again. It was not easy for them even just to pronounce or remember my name, but how can they endured the long procedure when they made the handicrafts? How can they remember every detail of the little hand-made artwork?
So on the Christmas Day, we have done something far more meaningful. The manager of the organization told our team members that they couldn’t find a better way to turn their hard work into something that could actually help them. Finally, we decided to hold charity sales in my college. Before Christmas, we had to prepare a lot. The most challenging thing was how to sell their handicrafts and let more people know them in order that more people were willing to help them. We had to think about how to do these two things at the same time. With the day approaching, we gradually realized that it was not just to help them selling what they made, maybe what we did was helping them to write their stories.
Our work paid off. To some certain extent, their work paid off. Their handicrafts, which were full of their painstaking efforts had almost sold out. More importantly than all of that, many students of my university promised that they would joined us as volunteers to visit them, teach them something and make friends with them.
I always believed that one good term deserves another. The experience proved this saying. When I knew more about their life, I was more inspired. We always heard people complain that life was too hard for them and they didn’t want to face too many difficulties. So do I. All of us want to experience a trouble-free journey. But the people with mental problem, some of them born with mental problem, the life in their eyes is full of hopes. Everyone appeared in their life just as a fortune for them. They want to make friends with everyone though some people just as a passer-by. They are willing to spend a long time to perfect a small handicraft but how many of us always lose our patience even when we are waiting in a queue? We can learn a lot from them.
Life is fare for everyone and it is never too late to be a good people and always remember that one good term deserves another.

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