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This year, on November 11th, Singer’s Day, the total GMV of Tmall had reached to 91.2 billion.
China Daily reported that at the stroke of midnight, history will have been made as scores of Chinese shippers log on to the Internet to be part of the mammoth 24-hour shopping festival.
Indeed, this festival is not only for consumers. Scores of retailers, no matter big or small played an essential part in it. They offered discounts and freebies so that they could attract more consumers to buy their products. And this year, the frenzy is set to start much earlier. Before November 11th, scores of online merchants has begun their discounts for buyers. If the buyers paid a certain amount of subscription before the Single’s Day, they won’t have to afraid that they couldn’t buy the favorite product that day owing to the slow computer network.
The day after November 11th, I saw an interesting saying in Wechat. It said that, the first time we bought things in Taobao for the purpose of saving money. Now it seems like a joke.
Have you ever bought goods in Tmall or Jingdong before? Have you spent a great deal of money buying things in online shops in November 11th? Were you busy in receiving your packages?
The simple answer is ”yes”. Nowadays, everyone, no matter who you are, is experiencing an influence of E-commerce. 
One of the hottest topics many people talk about now is electronic commerce, which is commonly known as E-commerce. It consists of the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. With the development of e-commerce, shopping online becomes a new way of shopping which is getting more and more popular. Many citizens are likely to shop through internet nowadays. Due to the widespread of Internet usage, the amount of trade that conducted electronically has increased extraordinarily, and a large number of online shops have been established in Taobao and other electronic online marts.
There is no doubt that we are having a more convenient way to buy things and E-commerce has become an essential part in our life. There are many commodities on the internet where you can search whatever you want. Besides, you just click the mouse then you will get all information you want, so that you don’t have to go to the shop personally. What’s more, the commodities on the Internet are always cheaper than the stores which can save much money. E-commerce does boost the development of the economy.
This year, E-commerce was also mentioned in the Premier and Press Conference. Premier Li Keqiang highlighted the great power of E-commerce because it also gave vitality to express delivery service. Express delivery service is one of the fundamental parts of electronic commerce. With the help of express delivery service, our consumers can truly feel the benefits and convenience that E-commerce brings to our life. 
Why does our government attach more importance on e-commerce and express delivery service? From my point of views, there are two major reasons. For the one thing, nowadays, lots of graduates are facing the difficulty in enrollment and employment. E-commerce, as an emerging industry, can ease this kind of pressure and create a wide variety of jobs for young people. Instead of saying that it benefits young people, it would be nearer the mark to say that it is good to everyone.  E-commerce set no benchmark for everybody. If there is a man who wants to set up online shop, he doesn’t have to wait or bear the long procedures of register. What’s more, he won’t have to fare that he received fake money because Alipay can be served as a guarantee.     For another, some majors related to express delivery service in college may be more attractive to students. Our country needs people who are equipped with various professional knowledges. Express delivery service, an emerging, does help us a lot in every aspect.
Thus the flourishing of E-commerce, many people are worried that whether online shops will influence the physical shops. In my opinion, the concern is nature. However, the fact is that physical shop owners also hold online shops. They even uploaded the clips of their physical shops onto the internet to show that their shops are very competitive. The interaction between online and offline can boost the vitality of the market.
As a coin has its two sides, e-commerce does. When we buy products from the Internet, we can’t see the real products or check their qualities and some of the sellers on the Internet are not so honest. And, for those who enjoy shopping around different stores, shopping online perhaps will make them bore.
However, we can’t neglect the great power of E-commerce. Therefore, it is not difficult to draw the conclusion that E-commerce really brings numerous benefits to the public, and undoubtedly, it will continue to create more convenience for us.

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