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Share Spring Festival in my family
Anshur 2016-2-15 22:16
Spring Festival in my family
I am a Cantonese. In Guangdong province, there goes a saying: “no chicken, no feast”. You may feel wired, but in Guangdong’s spring festival, chicken is an essential dishes. The ways to cook chicken are different. We have streamed chicken, chopped cold chicken and soy sauce chicken. Of cause, families cook chicken by themselves. We don’t like to buy ready-made chicken. Here are some photos of my families chicken. First, my family has 10people, so we need two-catty flour, two-catty pork ...
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Share We are helping them to write their stories
Anshur 2016-1-15 20:37
We are helping them to write their stories
Last Christmas, on December.25th,, 2015, my team members and I were doing a meaningful act—we helped those with mentally challenged people to sell their handicrafts. Then we would donate the money back for them to support the daily operation of organization which they received helps from. I would like to show you some pictures of their handicrafts. As you can see, all of the handicrafts are exquisite. Finally, we earned a total number about 807yuan and what we did had been praised by Ch ...
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Share A good experience.
Anshur 2015-12-15 22:58
This semester, I took part in Enactus, which was one of the most famous student’s groups in the world. Its goal is “To enable progress through entrepreneurial action”. It is a group that aims at helping people and teaching them skills so that can live better. We called the people we help an audience. When we have determined our audience, we will set up a project group and work for it. As team members, what we have to do is using our resource and wits to run the project. The name of my team ...
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