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Share How Will AI Affect Our Life?
清迈Elaine 2016-4-15 20:30
Recently, Google's AlphaGo defeated Lee Sedol, the world Go Champion. The victories of machine have made AI a hot topic. A debate is therefore inevitably touched off. Some conservatives fear that AI will eventually get out of control, while other people with pioneering spirits favor it. They believe that AI will benefit mankind in more fields. From my perspective, we human beings can reap a lot from AI. The reasons are as follows. First and foremost, AI can reduce our burden in d ...
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Share Starting One's Career: A Big City Or A Small Town?
清迈Elaine 2016-3-11 16:07
Recently, there has emerged a heated discussion concerning the issue of the places where college students should stay after they graduate from school. Some people maintain that they ought to work in a big city where teems with opportunities, while others believe that they should start their career in a small town because of the acceptable price level. As for me, Iam prone to work in a big city. The following reasons can account for my preference. The firstfactor ...
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Share My Spring Festival Stories
清迈Elaine 2016-2-21 16:23
My Spring Festival Stories
Spring Festival is also called Guo Nian in Chinese, the most significant traditional Chinese festival, marks the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year. It isgreat occasion for family reunion, which means that people away from home for various reasons will always make earnest efforts to come back home before the New Year's Eve for the family reunion dinner. Therefore, I spend the time with my families. Before the New Year's Eve, my families began to&nb ...
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Share On the Road!
清迈Elaine 2016-2-14 23:34
As a Chinese saying goes like this:Practice makes perfect. I remember clearly that a teacher once asked me about this issue. Different individuals hold on various opinions. Some people approve it due to the effect, which can make someone achieve something. While others believe it maybring someside effects.To those people who are stubborn, they maybe trapped into the dilemma or even fail in doing something. As for me, I maintain that we people can reap a lot& ...
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Share Extend Your Own Limits!
清迈Elaine 2016-2-14 14:58
With the rapid development of science and technology, our living standard has been improved. Such a typical phenomenon is that our daily life teems with digital devices, such as mobile phones, TV and computers. On the one hand, we reap a lot benefits from these advanced devices, where we can know news immediatelyor even acquire knowledge quickly. While on the other hand, it seems that we are now too relying on them to lose the critical thinking. Some people even believe that they l ...
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Share What Does Families Means?
清迈Elaine 2016-1-31 16:47
What Does Families Means?
Have you watched the American TV series called Desperate Housewives ? I have just finished watching it. As for me, what impressed most in the Desperate Housewives is the idea about families: there is nothing more important than families. They are the ones who show up when we are in trouble, the ones who push us to succeed, and the ones who keep our secrets. Families are the ones who show up when we have difficulties. In the TV series, taking Gabrielleas an example; when ...
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Share Nature Or Nurture?
清迈Elaine 2016-1-29 15:05
Nature Or Nurture?
Currently, there is a widespread concern over nature or nurture? To speak in a specific way, how should children been brought up? Setting rules for them and advising them to training some skills or just according to their own willingness to let them grow up healthily? Theopinion varies from person to person. Some people believe that children ought to be nurturedin that they lack self-control ability. On the contrary, others harbor that children are now under great pressure. I ...
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Share Catch 22!!!
清迈Elaine 2016-1-28 15:03
As we all known that the Chinese Lunar New Year is approaching, people who are away from home will make earnest effort to come back home before the New Year's Eve. China is well-known for its large population, thus, you can imagine the situation of travel rush. In the past few days, extreme cold weather continues to move southward across China. In many parts of China were hit by heavy snowstorms and some regions experienced record low temperatures. One of the mos ...
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Share The Year of the Monkey Is Coming!
清迈Elaine 2016-1-27 19:24
Currently, there is a widespread concern about Liuxiaolingtong who played "The Monkey King" in the "Journey to the West". As 2016 is the year of the monkey.A number of people maintain that his role made people comes up with their childhood. Yeah, time is fleeting, Spring Festival is coming. As we can see that people have purchased things used for Spring Festival. As we all known that Spring Festival is the most significant TraditionalChinese Festival. It is a mark ...
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Share Practice Makes Perfect!
清迈Elaine 2016-1-11 19:30
Practice becomes increasingly important in our daily life. It seems that people pay much attention to the practice than before. It is universally acknowledged that truth can be sought through practice. Through practice, we can do something with ease. The sentence of practice makes perfect is definitely true. It is amazing that sometimes we can remember things as accurately as a phonograph. I remember clearly that I could not cook delicious food when I was 19 years old. I lived in ...
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