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How Will AI Affect Our Life?

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  Recently, Google's AlphaGo defeated Lee Sedol, the world Go Champion. The victories of machine have made AI a hot topic. A debate is therefore inevitably touched off. Some conservatives fear that AI will eventually get out of control, while other people with pioneering spirits favor it. They believe that AI will benefit mankind in more fields. From my perspective, we human beings can reap a lot from AI. The reasons are as follows.

  First and foremost, AI can reduce our burden in daily life. As we all known that we young people are absorbed in our work or studies, we do not have much time to look after our families. In terms of this, AI can make great contributions. It can cook meals or do the housework for us. To some extent, we may feel relaxed with the help of AI.

  In addition, AI can help us address the problems that we've met in our studies. Just imagine that if children can't take in the knowledge they've learnt in school, AI could play a role of a teacher, they can teach them how to study efficiently.

  Furthermore, AI is conducive to the manufacturing industry. It can produce the products more quickly and efficiently. What's more, it can reduce the loss of the products. If the companies bring AI into full play, they can make profits.

  Last but not least, life is not a terminator movie. We should always be responsible for ourselves, which includes safeguarding from AI. After all, once the Pandora's Box is open there is no closing it again. If we make full use of its advantages, we will reap a lot from it.

  In a nutshell, AI can benefit us a lot. It can resolve the knotty problems so as to reduce our burden. We should look into the good aspect and make earnest effort to find new ways to cope with the problem that could arise. Only in this way, can we human beings enjoys the fruits of the advanced technologies of AI.

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